Single Sign On

Web or mobile, your audience can sign on to your digital edition once regardless of the device they use to read your content.

Single Sign On across all devices

VirtualNewspaper has an app for each device: Smartphone, Tablet, Smart TV. The Apps are fully customizable with the services you want. For example, Breaking news, Web TV, Podcasts, Movies and so on. All with no effort on your part. Miles 33 creates the accounts, builds and uploads the apps for you.

Each application is also incredibly smart, able to verify orders and privileges of each reader and subscriber through their username and password. Their purchases follow them everywhere, regardless of the device they are using. Editions can be saved to favorites and then read later, on any device.

VirtualNewspaper creates an unbreakable relationship between the account and the publication. An indestructible exchange between the subscriber and the subscription. Always. From every platform.




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