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Media Publishing Solutions

Miles 33 provides enterprise-wide publishing systems that transcend media types. Miles 33 uses powerful, fully relational databases to manage the creation, editing, layout, workflow and archiving of all of a publishing enterprise’s information content. Miles 33 manages all types of media elements including text, graphics, photographs, audio, video. Read more

Credit Management Solutions

CMS3000 is a versatile and powerful credit management system providing full control over your accounts receivable, from invoice entry through to litigation. CMS3000 will link to, or replace, your existing sales ledger giving you a uniquely flexible approach to credit control. Read more

Directory Pagination and XML-based Publishing System

The OASYS composition and pagination software packages are some of the most sophisticated and flexible products in the publishing industry today, providing complete control over the preparation, production and management of many different types of commercial and specialised work, including directories, legal, scientific, and technical publications. Read more

Circulation Systems

Quantum is a leading Circulation and Free Newspaper Distribution package that covers: Canvassing, Marketing, Direct Delivery, Subscriptions, Reader Clubs, Free Newspaper Distribution, National and Local Leaflet Booking, Newsagent and Wholesaler Publishing and Digital Street Mapping.. Read more

Legal Solutions

The legal systems group have been providing solutions and services to the legal market for over 20 years. As a leading supplier to the legal market Miles 33 has a range of products to fit the differing requirements of firms with varying needs. In this way we can ensure that the appropriate solutions are provided to each client. Read more

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