The Backoffice for all your administrative control

A centralised control for total control over your mobile publishing activities – manage your digital editions, define your targeted advertising, manage your digital subscribers and news packages.

The Backoffice

Products, orders, customers, payments, invoices, shipping, users, newsletter, statistics. and much more… Everything is manageable thanks to a complete Backoffice.

Configuration settings are always updated in real time and you can create or edit a product anytime and changes will immediately be available online.

The Backoffice allows you to manage every aspect of your digital editions - set up subscriptions, define your products with pricing and control which devices they can be sold on. The BackOffice automatically GEO-codes your subscriber's data, so you can visually understand the reach your mobile editions have. It tracks every user's behavior, logs every page and article they read, how long the interact with the app and what device they are using.

Use this data to understand your audiences, then implement new marketing strategies to get even better results.

With VirtualNewspaper and the BackOffice, managing your mobile business will be an easy game.




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