GN4 Editorial Content Management System

Find it when you need it

TARK4 maintains the relationships between assets and offers a choice of search engines to help you find assets FAST

TARKS offers built-in search and semantic processing

TARK4 includes the SOLR (pronounced "Solar") search engine and the Stanbol semantic processor for sophisticated, high performance searches.

About SOLR

The SOLR search engine features full-text search, search hit highlighting, faceted search, real-time indexing, dynamic clustering, distributed search and index replication and is highly scalable and fault tolerance.

About Stanbol

Stanbol provides a set of reusable components for semantic content management. It analyzes textual content and enhances it with the named entities it finds within the content (such as person, place, organization), then suggests links to open data sources.

Sites can define local entities (e.g. thesaurus concepts) to provide more context that make sense to local users with the organization. 

The user interface provides auto-completion and enhancements are available to add textual content in many languages (for example: English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian).

Regardless of the search tool selected, TARK4 maintains the relationships between assets. This means you will be able to find content by association as well as via its metadata. Finding stuff quickly is valuable time saved and is less stressful for your staff.




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