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Self-Service Advertising Solutions

Miles 33 self-service advertising portal solutions for classified, display and trade.

Self-Service Advertising Solution

Advertising Self-Service solutions are an essential component of any ad department. Enabling ad booking around the clock, with virtually no added production costs, self-service advertising has boosted ad revenues for publishers around the globe.

Today, with growing multi-channel advertising needs, publishers are extending self-service options into display advertising and even into digital channels for mobile and Internet advertising.

The Miles 33 Self-Service options are ideally suited to assist publishers expend their on-line ad portals, even publishers that do not own an Miles 33 advertising system. Adding a Gemstone advertising system, boosts the benefits thanks to seamless integration that establishers a single administration portal for ALL advertising sales, CRM and reporting.

Solutions include:

AdPortal – Self Service Advertising Solution

AdPortal is one of the world’s leading automated solutions for online and printed advertising sales. It allows advertisers to build, book and manage their own advertisements seamlessly.

Installed by many of the world’s biggest publishers - including Hearst, Gannett, APN, Schibsted, D C Thomson, Trader Media and Newsquest - AdPortal has already delivered millions of ads for web, mobile and print.

Primarily used for classified and trade display, AdPortal is powered by the highly scaleable Wave2 Publishing Platform making it suitable for single websites and publications, all the way through to enterprise-level multi-channel advertising operations.

Cloud based or enterprise server, AdPortal is built on a solid architecture that is open and configurable. This makes integration with existing IT infrastructure quick and easy, with minimum disruption to workflow.

The AdPortal self-service advertising solution also uses Adobe Creative Suite to ensure pixel-perfect control over all design and typography, as well as incorporating the latest multi-media technology such as Adobe Edge animation.

For all media organisations, including national and regional newspapers, as well as magazine publishers, AdPortal assists in transitioning traditional advertising models and replaces them with a dynamic self-service advertising solution that has been proven to significantly raise ad revenue. If you are a publisher looking for a state-of-the-art, fully automated self-service advertising solution that embraces web, print and mobile, AdPortal is the perfect choice.

EasyBuild – Advertising Production Automation

EasyBuild supports both the creative and production process within a single self-service solution. Straightforward to use, no design or creative skills are necessary to create high quality creative content, automatically.

Ideally suited for online adportals, EasyBuild's intuitive graphical interface allows the self-service user to edit text, images and layout, then automatically creates a visually perfect result. It represents state-of-the-art dynamic publishing.

A key benefit of EasyBuild is that it allows publishers to maintain ownership over the entire creative process and ensure adherence to ad sizes and design guidelines. Other major advantages include the streamlining of the graphic design process and the lowering of internal production costs

If you are a publisher looking to find an innovative and cost effective way of automating the creative process, EasyBuild is the perfect dynamic publishing solution.



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