MarketPlace – Classified & Trade Services Advertising Website

An off-the-shelf classified listings engine and directory service

MarketPlace – Classified & Trade Services Advertising Website

MarketPlace is a powerful, off-the-shelf advertising website and listings engine that publishing and media companies can seamlessly bolt-on and integrate into their existing advertising systems network. The end result is a comprehensive classified advertising solution that lets businesses offer flexible package options for online classified advertising and, in doing so, develop profitable new revenue streams.

Suitable for a single category of advertising, or for a range of classifications and trade services, the directory can accommodate all types of online ads, from simple lineage ads to enhanced listings as well as animated banners and videos. It is also able to accept advertising feeds from numerous sources, including Wave2’s AdPortal solution.

Furthermore, the online listings and directory website makes full use of social media and mobile to send dynamic ‘alerts’ which notify users of new listings. Other innovative features include integration with Google Maps which allows users to pinpoint where items are offered for sale.

Used by some of the world’s leading publishers and media companies, MarketPlace can be installed very quickly, has low entry and running costs and is easily configured to mirror your existing online presence. Overall Marketplace significantly reduces the total cost of implementing an automated classified advertising services or listings website.

Finally, MarketPlace is designed to not only keep up with advertising trends but also to shape them. Fully multi-media and mobile-enabled, MarketPlace’s innovative features are continually being developed, making it a truly state-of-the-art classified advertising solution that allows companies to harness the rapidly evolving world of online advertising.

  • At a glance:

  • Off-the-shelf, white label solution
  • Effortlessly integrated within existing IT infrastructure
  • Full client branding functionality
  • Multi-category classifications, private, notices, and business listings
  • Full multi-media capability including video and animation
  • Mobile-enabled with MarketPlace Web App
  • Innovative alerts notify users of new listings
  • Powerful mapping features, including Google Maps
  • Rating and review capability‘My Ads’ function builds customer loyalty
  • Connects to social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc)



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