AdPortal – Display Advertising

Bringing down the barriers to automated display advertising

AdPortal – Display Advertising

AdPortal’s self-service display advertising solution is aimed at small businesses and enterprises that are ordinarily very difficult to reach. There can be any number of reasons for this, including costs to service, lack of internal resources, creative skillsets, and inaccessibility to visits from field sales staff.

Whatever the reason, all publishers will have a potential customer base that remains untapped for display advertising. AdPortal’s self-service display advertising solution is designed to rectify this and drive greater revenue for publishers.

It works by offering a wide choice of advertising packages that embrace print, online and mobile in one fully automated solution. Using a combination of cutting edge technology alongside Adobe InDesign tools, AdPortal’s display advertising solution allows SME’s to design, build and book ads with ease.

Furthermore, because the system is both self-service and fully automated, advertising costs can be significantly reduced. This puts display advertising within the realms of smaller enterprises who would normally not consider the medium. Just as importantly, it allows advertisers to harness the power of the mobile web, as well as existing online and print media, in one single dynamic advertising solution.

Cloud or server-based, AdPortal’s automated display advertising solution now allows publishers to broaden their display customer base and target small and medium sized enterprises. Similarly, businesses who previously could not afford display advertising can now use it across print, online and mobile at a price that is within reach.

For regional newspapers and magazines the advantages of AdPortal’s self-service display advertising solution are clear – vastly reduced production costs, a bigger display customer base and enhanced revenue growth.

At a glance:

  • Highly flexible and straightforward user experience
  • One single solution for online, print and mobile
  • Online template offers a variety of ad formats (line ads to full display)
  • Multi-media support allowing static, animated and video ads
  • Optional dynamic preview 24 hour access, 365 days a year
  • Flexible ‘ad packages’ enabling easy pricing
  • Support for credit card payment and account customers
  • Integrated ad serving within advertiser’s own dashboard
  • Ability to extend ad deadlines Significantly reduced production costs



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