A Wave 2 Solution

AdPortal – Classified Advertising

Self-service classified advertising solution for newspapers & magazines

AdPortal – Classified Advertising

AdPortal’s self-service classified advertising solution lets publishers fully automate their classified advertising sales using world leading technology. Powered by the scaleable Wave2 Publishing Platform, it is suitable for single publications and websites, all the way through to corporate multi-channel classified operations.

The solution allows publishers to harness the power of the mobile web, as well as existing online and print media, in one single automated workflow. This supports publishers to embrace multi-channel strategies and bring their classified advertising firmly into the 21st Century.

For advertisers, the solution provides unparalleled distribution across print, web and mobile and offers a broad selection of ad sizes, formats, ad packages and payment options. With a simple step-by-step build and ordering process, automated by the latest Adobe Creative Suite technology, AdPortal is very straightforward and easy to use.

AdPortal’s self-service classified solution is already installed by some of the world’s largest publishers allowing customers to quickly build, proof, book and manage classified ads online. Completed ads can then be distributed across any media channel (print, mobile and online) with virtually no increase in production costs, significantly enhancing publisher revenues.

Factor in multi-media capabilities, a comprehensive selection of classification categories as well as cloud or server based options, and AdPortal can rightfully lay claim to its place as one of the world’s leading self-service classified advertising solutions.

At a Glance:

  • Highly flexible and straightforward user experience
  • One single solution for online, print and mobile
  • Online template library for static, animated and video ads
  • Automatic sizing and layout according to ad content
  • Optional dynamic preview Integrated ‘ad packages’ enabling easy pricing Flexible discount and promo code functionality Integrated and dynamic ‘up-sell’ features
  • Support for credit card payment and account customers



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