National and International postal copies are handled by the Subscription System.

A comprehensive diary booking facility caters for regular, irregular and single purchases. A selection of multiple label formats provides a number of mailing options, coupled with Mailsort options for bulk discounts.

Embedded links between the Subscription System and the Circulation System provide the user with an automated transfer of subscriber copies onto the daily supply file. This in turn updates the overall sales figure, including where appropriate, the ABC values.

Subscriber details once recorded are easily accessible via a number of search facilities. Alternative delivery address details may be associated with an account in addition to unique comments.

Rates are associated with a package. The overall amount charged is determined by the number of copies selected and the specific week days chosen. The user may also attach a postal charge over the newspaper rate. The amount charged will depend on the postal zone, the pagination and the corresponding weight of the paper.

Discounts may be built into the rates depending on the length of the package. Long-term repeat subscriptions may be configured with a price discount for example.

The calendar screen with colour-coded insertion dates allows for a quick visual check of the subscription. Irregular buying patterns are easily catered for with little additional user input.

A range of payment options may be used to process the order including credit card and direct debit. Weekly file transfers to the Accounts department identify payment details of all orders processed, filtered by payment type.

Subscriptions can be set to automatically renew or alternatively the record can be flagged to send a reminder a fortnight prior to expiry. One-off subscriptions may be excluded from the process.