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Precedent Billing

Precedent Billing simplifies the production of bills which can be produced on screen with a few mouse clicks.

Precedent Billing

Fee earners, partners and the accounts department retain full control of the bill production workflow and authorisation process.

Simple or Advanced Billing Options

Produce single matter and multi-matter bills, single or multi-debtor bills, separate the billing of net and vat to different debtors if required. Comprehensive e-billing support with support for billing intermediaries and their strict reporting requirements. Simple or advanced billing views allow the firm to simplify the billing process for occasional users with straightforward billing requirements while allowing advanced users great flexibility through the billing process. View, select and split time using summary views by rate, fee earner, activity types etc. Bills profitability can be reported by client, matter, fee earner, activity type or even to the individual time line if required.

Improves cash flow

Comprehensive and frequent client friendly bills can be produced quickly and easily. Through intelligent profiling, Bills can be triggered automatically without the need for fee earners to instigate the process. This results in more bills, rendered as early as possible and the potential to eradicate problems like "old work in progress becoming un-billable" and "all of the billing activity being compressed into hectic and stressful month end periods".

Improves billing efficiency

Billing at the earliest opportunity will reduce the typical month end billing rush. Precedent billing will also ensure that all matters ready for billing actually get billed. All possible billable items are included automatically. Bills are fully integrated with the credit management facilities and there is no need for pre-printed bill stationery.