Do everyday things with amazing ease and simplicity

GNPortal will transform your workflows in ways you never thought possible. Input AND Output.

Do everyday things with amazing ease and simplicity

While it is easy to imagine GNPortal taking on the role of managing incoming media feeds, it can also play a huge role in automating the output or distribution of content and published materials.

For example, if you have an external WebCMS, you may find that not all content arrives there properly formatted, causing extra work within the WebCMS. You can use GNPortal to create a workflow between your editorial system and the WebCMS that pre-formats content in consistent ways, automating downstream processes.

PDF distribution is another area that publishers have used GNPortal to automate. Simply create an output channel that takes a completed page and route it through all the appropriate (or necessary) steps such as color management, PDF preflighting or even delivery to printing plants.

If you participate in local activities and need to generate “press kits”, “press accounts”, newsletters, photo and video coverage for community activities, GNPortal can help here too.