Part of the GN4 Suite

Use GNPortal to define how content is ingested

Ensure content is processed accurately and delivered just the way you need it.

Methods include ingestion via:

  • GNPortal’s automatically-defined web forms
  • Website’s customer-defined pages
  • SOA-communication methods (SOAP, REST, etc.)
  • When coupled to the TeraGN3 or GN4 content management systems, ingested content becomes an integral part of the CMS and can be further managed, shared and used.

GNPortal is XML-based and the XML schema is used to automatically define:

  • Web pages
  • Data validation
  • Pull down menus
  • Mashups are supported via Tera’s Tera CMSA Service Oriented architecture and powerful workflow

Use GNPortal to ingest any type of content. It is particularly useful for Sports Scores; Obits; Public Notices; Letters to the editor; Cultural event listings; Restaurant; Movie and other reviews. In fact, any structured (fielded) content will be easy to handle and even offers Secure Socket Layer (SSL/https) support if needed.