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GNPortal Content Acquisition System

Define, accept, transform, process and manage all your workflows

GNPortal Content Acquisition System

GNPortal is a breakthrough in web-based Content Acquisition (Content Ingestion). Before GNPortal there was no way to easily define, accept, transform, process and manage web-acquired content without custom-written code.

GNPortal changes the rules. In today’s landscape, new content will be defined frequently and modified often. The amount of content that comes via the web is increasing in volume and variety. Targeted websites are quickly developed and discarded to match the changing needs of the readership and the newspaper’s marketing strategies. With this changing scenario comes the need to acquire structured content that is reliable, validated and standardised.

Newspapers also want to accept user-generated content (UGC), content from staff, stringers and other contributors via the web without relying on VPNs, Citrix or other complex, difficult or expensive technologies. The goal of newspapers is to ingest any type of content, using a uniform method and a consistent metadata structure that is powerful, flexible, secure, and low-cost but does not require customisation or large amounts of implementation effort.

GNPortal meets all these requirements.

GNPortal reads an XML schema to understand what the content looks like, to define the web form to acquire that content and to perform validations and transformations. GNPortal can also be configured to accept content from customer-defined pages that will better match the look and feel of an existing web site, or via electronic means such as SOA or RSS feed.

An article-based content storage organisation makes the management and support of new content a matter of configuration not customisation. GNPortal uses article-based content storage to define the web form (if necessary) and validate content at the web-page level or through a workflow.

The Tera CMSA architecture makes GNPortal unmatched in its ability to transform and transfer content to the GN3/GN4 content management system or third-party CMS or editorial systems. This means that content, such as pictures, text and video can be automatically processed and converted to the right format.

Like all Tera CMSA products, GNPortal is 100 percent XML-based.

Our forward thinking, industry-leading technology not only permits ground-breaking products like GNPortal to be developed, but helps explain why more than 99 percent of our customers are still our customers.