GN4 Editorial Content Management System

Prepare content for mobile, web and print

Mobile Web or Native apps, Feed-driven or PDF-driven mobile publishing system

Prepare content for mobile, web and print

GN4 is a true multi-channel CMS. Author content for any medium, your website, your mobile apps and of course for print.

After creating your content, simply publish it anywhere. You can even enable a Mobile-First workflow, with beautiful, magazine-like, presentation for iOS, Android, HTML5 and Windows 8.

The presentation and layouts are controlled through the Layout Composer, giving newsrooms full control over how content is presented.
Easily add multi media content such as video, audio and multi-picture slideshows. The “Text-To-Speech” option transforms your content into audio, allowing readers to “listen” to your publications.

An in-line editor allows for last minute changes, even for content that has already been published!

Prepare content for Web

Send to web with a single click

You can publish the same content to the web. Crop pictures, package up video, text, audio and images, preview what it would look like online, then publish to the web with a single click.

GN4 with web preview

The WebCMS module lets you engage your audiences with blogs, groups, forums or other community- building modules. Gather feedback and comments or create copyflows to take advantage of user generated content and build a powerful “local” presence that will have your audiences coming back again and again.

Create pages with responsive designs to ensure an optimum reading experience, regardless of the screen size that is used. 




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