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Gemstone Target

Set sales and revenue targets then track actuals - Gemstone Target is all about maximising your sales teams’ performance - in Real Time.

Gemstone Target

Set performance targets for your sales manager, for your credit collectors and for your individual sales staff. Then track actuals.

All the tools and performance views are site-definable, assuring Gemstone Target will fit into YOUR sales process and method of recording and measuring sales, whether you set call and appointment targets, digital conversion rates, ad counts or number of new customers found. Gemstone Target tracks it all.

With Gemstone Target, you will have a highly precise measuring tool for all your sales activity, whether digital, mobile or print advertising sales. There will simply be NO excuse for not knowing how you are tracking against targets.



Benefits of Gemstone Target

Increased sales revenue

When sales staff are rewarded based on performance, real time measuring tools are vital. When staff can instantly see the results of their efforts, they will be highly incentivised to do more, and more . . . Gemstone Target is that measuring tool.

Increase efficiency

Gemstone Target is not only usable for setting ad targets and measuring ad revenue. You can set targets for pretty much anything. For example, sell (print and digital) subscriptions through Gemstone and set targets for that. Give department heads targets on average yield and reward them when they reduce the amounts of discounts given. Give telemarketers goals for cold calls made per day and conversion rates, etc.

Cost savings

The inherent ability to measure activity “as it happens” virtually eliminates the need for costly 3rd party data analysis tools. The Gemstone report module and the measuring of actuals against targets not only provides great ways of reporting, it puts it in the hand of staff actually performing the activities letting them monitor their own performance. Much more powerful than presenting them (after the fact) with a report that shows how many ads they sold in the past week.



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