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Gemstone CRM

Reclaim the customer engagement function with Gemstone CRM. Integrated directly into the advertising sales system.

Gemstone CRM

Many publishers are shifting their focus from “customer relationships” to “enterprise relationships”. They know that by implementing a sales system across all channels of the enterprise, sharing a common view of customers and the market, their business will be better positioned to identify new opportunities and leverage corporate assets while reducing duplicate, overlapping and conflicting initiatives.

Paradoxically, an enterprise-wide approach will allow a business to allocate tasks to sub-groups. However, in an enterprise-wide implementation, the “big picture” will not be lost.

For example, does it make sense for your sales staff to spend time chasing a large number of unqualified leads or would you prefer them to focus on closing deals by working down a smaller list of qualified prospects? Similarly, if your call centre receives a call from an advertiser who wishes to make a small change to their ad schedule, would it not be more efficient to have the call centre deal with that, right there, instead of interrupting the original sales person to deal with such an administrative task?

With a seamless integration between the prospect-side, the buy-side and order management - with real time access to pricing and scheduling, order status, contract fullfilment and product availability, publishers can achieve closer alignment across the entire business.

This is what Gemstone Sales is all about and can be illustrated as follows:

Gemstone Sales

"Wrapped around" the entire sales process are functions like:

  • Reporting
  • Inventory Management and Query
  • Tracking
  • Workflow and Process management
  • Contact and Contract management
  • Enterprise-wide setup of publishing channels

The Gemstone Dashboard provides a single view across all vital statistics of the sale process. Users can customise their view to exactly match the way they function. With pertinent information about sales, opportunities, new leads, sales targets, outstanding action items, etc. their workload will be more manageable . . . and that is good for business.


Benefits of Gemstone CRM

Save costs
Instantly eliminate license fees for 3rd party CRM software. This alone will present significant cost savings.

Additional savings can be obtained by consolidating all servers into a single datacentre. For example, SalesForce license fees include hosting costs so running other components in a second facility duplicates this cost. By consolidation of modules into the Gemstone infrastructure, a SINGLE location can be used for everything leading to easy management, less complex administration or SLA’s and elimination of complex customer database synchronisations and integration issues.

Improved customer service and Increased revenue
By using the SAME CRM for all sales staff, be they print, online or mobile, you not only eliminate duplication of data, you avoid things like multiple sales people calling upon the same advertiserer.

By empowering sales reps with a single view of all advertisers (and consumers) it immediately becomes easier to sell packages that combine print, online and mobile ads. A better reach and easier billing (i.e. one invoice) will make advertising with you much more attractive.

Save time
Easier administration and easier selling of multi-channel ad packages add up and makes staff more efficient.



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