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Gemstone Audience

Always know who your audience is and how they behave.

Gemstone Audience

Gemstone Audience provides a visual way of understanding your audience with the ability to create filtered views for drilling down and making precisely targeted selections.

Using Gemstone Audience you immediately get views that can lead to a better understanding of the audiences you can bring to your advertisers. This can provide powerful metrics to use when pitching a potential advertiser’s reach to your audience.

Build Targeted Campaigns

Using Gemstone you can not only build profiles for canvassing and campaigns, but the results can also assist your editorial newsroom to form a better view of the socio-economic makeup of your readers/advertisers/subscribers, further enhancing the complete coverage and understanding of the geographic areas you publish in.

All this puts you in a better position to not just target advertising, but to provide your readers with optimum related editorial content as well, giving you a distinct competitive advantage over those start-up companies that can only take a shotgun approach to marketing.


  • Increased ad sales
    Precise audience segmentation and the ability to quantify potential ad reach to advertisers boosts the ability to sell ads. The ability to better identify advertisers within the targeted audience segment further increases the relevance of ad campaigns.
  • Improved audience engagement
    Become a better “local” voice to the communities you publish in. Better audience understanding leads to better matching of content that is relevant.




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