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Gemstone Workflow

Your policies, your lead generation, your sales process, your ad production, your costs... manage them carefully and your business will thrive. 

Gemstone Workflow

Gemstone Workflow is just the solution to take control. Many processes within your publishing business can be automated by Gemstone Workflows. No matter how simple or complex. Once defined, users can be guided through prescribed steps, ensuring accuracy and consistency. The result is always a perfectly executed process, every time!

Gemstone is multi-channel and so Workflow is too. Whether you traffic a digital ad through to delivery on a webpage or mobile app, or whether you run that print ad through a 3rd party pre-flighting step, it is all the same user experience (UX), the same Gemstone Workflow module, just a different workflow. In fact, it could all be part of the same order booking and production processes.

With Gemstone Workflow at the heart of your advertising system, your sales processes are faster, more efficient and more reliable. Regardless of ad type or ad channel. It is process efficiency at its highest level.

A game changer

The workflow configuration tool is fully graphical, so complex processes can be visualized and broken down into smaller blocks. Possible outcomes of each step in the process can be identified and each outcome can lead to additional workflow steps, always assuring that the user is guided through each phase of the process with all the information they need to carry out their tasks at hand.

Mundane tasks can be automated, saving time and frustration. For example, if a user makes a call to follow-up on a quotation but cannot connect as the client is out of the office, simply selecting the "not available" outcome of the workflow directs Gemstone to automatically creates a journal entry in the customer record and reschedule the call. No wasted time, no manual rescheduling, no manual updating. The user can immediately proceed to making the next call, confident that all the right procedures have been followed and nothing will be forgotten or left to chance.

Gemstone Workflow is an ideal companion to the outbound sales process. Create a campaign, identifying target prospects into call lists to be added to a workflow. Gemstone will then prompt the appropriate operators to take the actions defined by the workflow process. Once the workflow is active, the operator can simply work through their prioritised task list and, depending on the outcome, proceed to sending a price quotation (automatically of course), closing the sale, booking an ad, or rescheduling the next call.

More ways to work with third-party apps

Gemstone Workflow also integrates well with third party applications, allowing them to be included in workflows and processes. For example, send completed artwork to a sales rep for internal proofing, then out via email to the client for customer proofing. Or automatically route proofs with comments back to the graphic art department, send submitted artwork to Asura or Intellitune to check quality. Workflow plug-ins can be added to incorporate third party solutions into Gemstone’s workflow engine allowing automation to extend beyond Gemstone itself. This can be useful for adding integration to outsourcing vendors in complex production workflows.

Gemstone Workflow

Implement complex tasks with little or no training

Once a user is comfortable with the Gemstone interface, introducing them to additional functionality is easy, provided there is a workflow defined that guides them through each step. Sales people like selling, they thrive on closing the deal, don't bog them down with complexities, automate so they can move on to the next sale.

Users are simply prompted to carry out activities through a single “My Tasks” screen in Gemstone. Any action they need to undertake is organized neatly into a prioritized to do list that also integrates to Google and Outlook calendars where required. Gemstone’s responsive all device friendly interface makes it easy to carry out activity and perform tasks anywhere and on mobile as well as desktop workstations.

No limits

Workflows can be applied to contacts, orders, rows of orders, ads, opportunities and queries allowing the publisher to benefit from many internal efficiencies that allows your users to simply do more than ever before, for any ad channel, digital, social or print.

Main Features include:

  • Graphical configuration for easy visualization
  • Integrated with Third party applications and processes and automatically deal with responses returned from external processes
  • Trigger emails so they can be included in workflows
  • Include sending alerts that keep people up-to-date on progress and what’s happening 

Benefits of Gemstone Workflow include:

  1. Automated order processing saves time
  2. Process orders faster, especially cross-channel orders
  3. Automated ad production processing saves time
  4. Automate internal and external proofing cycles
  5. Improve control over outsourced production processes
  6. Eliminate redundant or manual processes saves time
  7. Improve customer service and customer satisfaction
  8. Increase team consistency and collaboration
  9. Get more accomplished
  10. Reduce overhead costs
  11. Achieve consistent outcomes
  12. Improve time management.
  13. Reduce user training time
  14. Achieve better resource utilisation




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