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Gemstone Integrated Advertising system

Including CRM and Audience Analysis to grow your Digital, Mobile and Print ad revenues.

Welcome to Gemstone

The entire sales process has just become a lot easier and more efficient. Whether you sell Online Display ads, Web Inventory, Mobile advertising, Classified ads or Print advertising, Gemstone does it all with ease.

Configure Gemstone to work the way your business functions, the "app-enabled" infrastructure lets your install multiple applications to suit your needs. Now you can bring many new features together in one integrated suite to help you address all your sales requirements like no other advertising system can.

Suddenly, other publishing systems seem so limited.

Many publishers are shifting their focus from “customer relationships” to “enterprise relationships”. They know that by implementing an advertising crm solution and sales system across all channels of the enterprise, sharing a common view of customers and the market, their business will be better positioned to identify new opportunities and leverage corporate assets while reducing duplicate, overlapping and conflicting initiatives.

Such an enterprise-wide approach still allows the functioning of small localised groups, but the “big picture” will never be lost and important corporate information can be available to all.

For example, does it make sense for your sales staff to spend time chasing a large number of unqualified leads or would you prefer them to focus on closing deals by working down a smaller list of qualified prospects? Similarly, if your call centre receives a call from an advertiser who wishes to make a small change to their ad schedule, would it not be more efficient to have the call centre deal with that, right there, instead of interrupting the original sales person to deal with such an administrative task?

With a seamless integration between the prospect-side, the buy-side and order management - with real time access to pricing and scheduling, order status, contract fulfilment and product availability, publishers can achieve closer alignment across the entire business.

Gemstone Sales Suite can:

  • Help you grow your digital ad revenues
  • Improve your sales forecasting and reporting
  • Energise your Lead and Opportunity management
  • Help you analyse your audience behaviours
  • Look after customers
  • Book and manage ads for Tablet, Online as well as in print




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