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Gemstone Self Serve

Sample ad portal showing options to extend reach and buy larger ads

Gemstone Self-Service is the online ad portal for Gemstone, similar to SAM and Futureproof.

Because Gemstone is 100% web-services based, much more functionality can be enabled in the Self-Service portal than ever was possible in SAM, creating significant opportunity for any publishing company.

For example, all packages, including multi-channel packages, can be made available in the portal, really opening up the potential for growing digital ad revenue - without incurring any additional production costs.

When combined with a service like LocalStars or Wave 2, an ad template function is added so adverts booked online automatically get made-up. Gemstone facilitates the automatic creation of all ad sizes required in the booking – print, digital and mobile. 

And, when combined with Cxense or your chosen data management platform, the ad portal can tell the visitor EXACTLY how many eyeballs their ad will be presented to, based on the selected audience profiling that is selected.

Benefits of Gemstone Self-Service

Higher yield per ad with no additional cost of sales
It is a well established statistic that self-service portals boost ad sales. Firstly, they allow ads to be booked well after staff in the ad department go home. But when the portal offers lineage boosting options such as borders, rules, logos, uploading of images and cross sell options, the average ad price also goes up, without a single ad rep getting involved! 

Reduced production costs
Ads booked in the portal can be made-up in real time using templates. The result is that ads are completed right there and then, eliminating the chance of the advertiser changing their mind and cancelling because they had to wait for a proof. When a service like LocalStars or Wave 2 is added, multiple versions of the ads are created simultaneously (banner, billboard, filmstrip, skyscraper, etc.) and delivered to the Ad Server. All without any burden on in-house or outsourced production.

Increased sales revenue
An integrated Self-service solution creates far more opportunities for increased sales revenue. Adverts booked by sales staff can be accessed by customers through the self-service portal, in other words, customers can “self-manage” their ads. They can make amendments, or re-book an ad after expiration. These actions leaves your sale staff free to chase new business via Gemstone Audience and Gemstone CRM.

Finally, bail-outs from the self-service process are immediately passed to Gemstone’s CRM as leads to follow upon. This follow up can be a telephone call or automated with an email including a link for the potential advertiser to carry on where they left off.

Reduced Costs of Sale
An integrated Gemstone Self-service solution removes the need for other 3rd Party Self-Service solutions used within the organisation. It also reduces license costs, possibly hosting costs, maintenance and admin costs and the removal of any integration costs between your booking system and the self-service solution every time you need a change to the interface due to market demands and changes.

Better Self-manage for customers
A fully integrated and single solution for in-house sales reps and the external self-service user provides additional benefits such as businesses and individuals seeing how their adverts are performing, and easy steps to renew, extend etc. etc.. Using our Self-service API’s extends Gemstone to the tablet also for reps to achieve much more whilst in the field.



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