Why Gemstone?

Gemstone Advertising- Empower your sales staff

Boos your digital revenues with
Gemstone from Miles 33

5 Ways Gemstone boosts your digital revenues.


Sales reps can now sell ANY ad type - easily

Gemstone's unified multi-media campaign booking ensures that your sales reps will sell digital ads. Lots of them. From website campaigns to smartphone ads to newspaper classifieds and ROP. Even advanced ad types such as "Page Takeovers" and "Fireplace Ads" are easy with Gemstone.


Booking Digital ads too complicated? Think again!

Book multi-channel ads with a single click. Pre-configure Gemstone with all your common and popular campaigns, including the modern "Page Takeovers". Gemstone creates all versions automatically and simultaneously. It cannot get any simpler.


See Inventory availability at booking time

So you bill upon delivery. What if you knew, at booking time, what the forecast availability is? At any time of the day? For any campaign? If you can sell everything you can deliver, because you KNOW what you can deliver, sales will go up. Period.


Set sales targets for everyone, then measure performance

Sales reps are driven by success. Give the ability to see their performance immediately, as-it-happens, rather than waiting for reports and watch them strive for more. Give them targets for activities as well as revenues and their success will be your success.


Leverage print ads to build digital revenues

Many digital opportunities come from cross-sells from print. Gemstone makes that easy and automatic. Set Cross media conversion rates targets and create incentives for your sales reps to cross sell as many print ads to digital as possible (and visa versa).

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