Automation Reduces Costs

Reduce your production costs and increase quality with high levels of automation

Automation Reduces Costs

Fast and Accurate

The unique balance between automatic (batch) and interactive (place/drag any ad or listing manually) pagination yields production volumes in excess of 200-300 finished pages per hour. And by finished, we mean the book looks exactly like the product you envisioned.

The Miles 33 batch pagination engine is blisteringly fast (less than a second per page) and does an excellent job meeting the publisher's need to follow touching rules and fit ad placement schemes. However, nothing upsets an advertiser more than to find out that their ad position within a heading is incorrect. The key element to Miles 33's success is being able to interactively adjust the batch pagination to ensure that the book precisely follows the touching rules and formatting styles of the publisher.

Whether batch or interactive mode, the system monitors the placement of all moving parts and automatically inserts continued lines, fillers, thumb tabs, etc., dramatically speeding up the process. Processes that can be automated include:

  • Automatic user-defined ad placement and touching rules controls.
  • Automatic and manual filler placement, including general, classification specific, paid-for, and inventory controlled
  • Automatic generation of continued headers (spread to spread, page to page, and/or column to column).
  • Automatic generation of continued footers (spread to spread, page to page, and/or column to column).
  • Automatic generation of thumb tabs.
  • Automatic generation of special sections, i.e., Attorneys, Insurance, Restaurants; optionally, different thumb tabs and headings can be produced for these sections.
  • Automatic generation of telltales including controls to determine what gets extracted, i.e., first, last, entire classification heading wording, abbreviated heading).
  • Automatic multi-level indexing.
  • Automatic surname suppression (white pages).

Minimal Training for new operators

Another benefit that makes the system so usable is that regardless of whether you are batch paginating or moving ads interactively, all the automatic flow features that are affected by the placement of an ad work the same way. This includes automatically generating tell-tales and thumb-tabs, classification and listing continuation headers and footers, cross references, spacing, and vertical justification of columns. This means that all the user has to worry about is the placement of adverts, since all of the tedious re-flow options are happening automatically.