Directory Pagination

Achieve automated pagination, fast production times with minimal human intervention

Directory Pagination

The Miles 33 Directory System software provides a set of automatic and interactive workflows to facilitate the production of complex directories, including white and yellow page telephone directories.

Configure the system to provide automated pagination, truly achieving fast production times with minimal human intervention.

Yet retain full control thanks to its ability to allow quick and simple adjustments to ad placement, always achieving the precise look that makes you stand out from your competitors.

In addition to the powerful pagination features, the system is built upon the high quality typesetting features that Miles 33 has been associated with for over thirty years.

Data to the system can be provided from a fully integrated feed from Polylogics or 3L System Group, or indeed from almost any source. We have a fully developed XML & Unicode environment, but almost any data format can be input into the system.

The package also includes a sophisticated indexing and cross reference capability. This would allow your customers to easily reference any information in the directory, yellow and white pages.

This is the ideal system for medium to large independent publishers, service bureaus or Telcos, and can be installed in your plant in 3 to 6 weeks, depending on complexity.