GN4 Editorial Content Management System

Redesigned interface

Completely new, completely responsive

Mobile devices have changed the way we work, play and consume content.

For newsrooms, tablets are also playing an increased role. Not just as a news channel, but also in the way content is captured, authored and edited. Now, with GNi4, editorial users can add a
broad range of mobile devices to their arsenal, making them even more productive, wherever they are, using whatever tool is available.

Thanks to the HTML5 design, GNi4 can be used on practically any connected device; iOS, Android, Mac OSX, Windows 7 & 8, netbooks or Chromebooks.

When combined with other Miles 33 products such as GNXcapture for smartphones, or GNPortal for web access, the GN4 newsroom becomes a true virtual workplace. Users can be anywhere, yet collaborate with (and maintain in full contact with) all the resources the newsroom offers.

Users can access all areas in the system they have approved access to: images, video, audio, articles, wire, archives and even print edition status. Content can be searched, retrieved, opened and edited, based on user privileges.

The user’s workspace is customisable and multiple workspaces can be saved into a tabbed view. Queries and searches can be saved in a similar manner allowing users to create workspaces for accessing wire, searching archives or day-to-day writing.