Easybuild – A Dynamic Publishing Solution

Production automation for publishers

Easybuild – Production automation for publishers

Real-Time advertising and production makeup

EasyBuild is one of the world’s leading self-service solutions for creating custom-built advertising content for both print and digital media.

Offering Dynamic Publishing and Web to Print advertising portal solutions, Easybuild is used by some of the world’s largest publishers and advertising agencies, EasyBuild will allow you to fully manage the creative process and maintain rigorous control over all aspects of your ad production and creative process.

Easybuild is straightforward to use and no design or creative skills are necessary for marketing and sales teams to develop high quality creative content with ease.

The user simply specifies the type of creative they wish to build and selects suitable designs, images and copy. Easybuild does the rest. When done, the intuitive graphical interface allows the user to edit text, images and layout before the Wave2 engine automatically creates a visually perfect result. It represents state-of-the-art dynamic publishing.

A key benefit of EasyBuild is that it allows companies to maintain ownership over the entire creative process and ensure adherence to design guidelines. Other major advantages include the streamlining of the graphic design process; lowering of internal production costs.

If you are a publisher, corporate brand or advertising agency looking to find an innovative and cost effective way of automating the creative process, EasyBuild is the perfect dynamic publishing solution.

Key features of EasyBuild include:

  • Production on-demand for various media and sales channels including web-to-print and dynamic publishing workflows
  • Artwork adaptation and automatic re-sizing for different print & digital formats
  • Full personalisation including localisation and translation of collateral
  • Multi-media (video, HTML5, PDF etc) and cross-platform adaptation (digital, mobile and print)