GN4 Editorial Content Management System

Standard Formats

Standards Organisations live to create new standards - TARK4 makes sure you can adapt easily

Multiple File Formats

TARK4 supports all current formats

TARK4 is easily updated to support new standards that get released. No new software is required. That is comforting knowing your investment is futureproof.

For example, NewsML-G2 is released and supported today. When NewsML-G3 is released in the future, you’re covered!

If there is a non-standard format you need to support, not a problem! With TARK4, you can define the structure. Then when content comes in, it is automatically validated, normalised and transformed, with informative error messages of course. Content to be published is automatically transformed into the correct structure so you don’t have to. TARK4 is designed so new content definitions and presentation technologies can easily be implemented.




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