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GN4 is a true ‘Write once – publish many’ editorial publishing solution for today's multi channel newsrooms.

Regardless of what devices or which media outlets you publish to, GN4 automates your processes and can deliver any content to any channel, eliminating the need to re-create content across platforms. Whether you create content for digital media such as web, mobile, social media networks, Apple News or RSS or whether you create content for printed publications, all is possible with a single editorial system.

GN4 includes many time-saving features so your newsroom staff can do more with less. Move to a digital-first workflow, publish content 24 hours long, manage video, audio, images, text and PDFs, the system even maintains cross references between archived content, so you will always know the context of the material you publish.

GN4 even has an amazing automated publishing function that creates printed pages, in a fraction of the time it used to.

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