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December 2015
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A World of Good Wishes

One of the real joys this holiday season is the opportunity to say thank you and wish you the very best for the New Year. From all of us at Miles 33.
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Recent Orders

Champion Media

Publishers of eight free distribution newspapers in the UK signed for a next generation publishing system that encompasses full editorial, advertising, production, ad planning, Quantum Circulation and customer self-service ad portal functionality.
La Sicilia

A leading Italian daily newspaper in Sicily, signed for a new, cloud-based, multi-channel editorial system encompassing: GN4, TARK4, GNi4 and VirtualCMS.

The system will be hosted in the GMDE Cloud, run by GMDE, the Miles 33 distributor.
NWN Media Ltd.

NWN Media, publishers of the daily Leader and 13 other weekly newspapers in North and Mid Wales and the border counties of Cheshire, Shropshire and Herefordshire, as well as a series of interactive websites, have selected the GN4 and VirtualCMS, multi-channel system as their new generation editorial solution
Newspapers of New England

Publishers of The Concord Monitor, the Daily Hampshire Gazette and other papers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts have signed for a GN4 multi-channel publishing system for web, mobile and print publishing.
La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno

A leading daily newspaper in Southern Italy.
Have signed for a new, cloud-based, multi-channel editorial system encompassing: GN4, TARK4, GNi4 and VirtualCMS.

The system will be hosted in the GMDE Cloud, run by GMDE, the Miles 33 distributor.
The Bermuda Royal Gazette

The Royal Gazette has signed a contract for the delivery of a Gemstone advertising system. The system will help the Royal Gazette grow their digital ad sales. Gemstone will leverage their existing investment in Beacon Ad Planning, CMS3000 Credit Management and Production Tracking.

Gemstone Go-Lives

Higgs Group

Publisher of the Henley Standard

Live on Gemstone
Baylis Media Ltd.
Publisher of the Maidenhead Advertiser, Burnham Advertiser, Twyford Advertiser, Slough Express and Windsor Express

Live on Gemstone


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A year of increased productivity

With all the changes in the publishing industry, and a real need to grow a strong digital presence on the web and on multiple mobile platforms, it is clear that publishers can only be successful if they have the ability to "do more with less".

This has become an increasingly more important driver behind the software we develop. Helping publishers produce a multitude of digital editions in addition to their traditional printed versions with tools that eliminate repetitive tasks and automates important functions, significantly relieves the strain on newsrooms and ad departments alike.

Consequently, 2015 saw the delivery of quite a lot of tools and features that delivered big time upon the promise of "Do More with Less".

On advertising

To truly grasp what Gemstone can offer, it is vital to see that Gemstone is much more than just “an advertising system”. Today’s newspapers are environments with a multitude of systems, each specialising in some aspect of the complete ad function and are interfaced, or even integrated, together. However, the complexity of this integration is significant and therefore costly, maintenance is equally complex and costly, but perhaps worse, it becomes harder and more complex every time a new system is added to the mix. But with Gemstone, issues are addressed and resolved, resulting in a single Media Processing solution.

Some of Gemstone's "do more with less" benefits:
  1. Book complex ads with a single click, and get it right the first time. Because now everyone can book digital ads, your digital revenues will surely grow.
  2. Further maximise sales by having the ad server tell you, at booking time, if you have the inventory available - and have it advise you what to do, if it hasn't.
  3. Supercharge your sales staff by showing them how they are tracking against targets, in real time.
  4. Save valuable time by eliminating errors and reducing training time by automating workflows. When the system guides users through complex steps, productivity goes up.
  5. Reduce 3rd party costs and multiple hosting fees by consolidating disparate functions like CRM, reporting and multiple ad systems, into one integrated Gemstone system. 
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Gemstone creating a new booking directly within the Ad Server.

On Editorial and Mobile

The configurable article structure of GN4 ensures that any type of content you require is available in the fluid publishing environment in which you work. As new titles, websites, digital editions, content formats and presentation technologies come along, GN4 can be reconfigured to meet these changing needs. All of the elements of a story, no matter what medium, can be created and worked on and participate in the workflow, regardless of the final publishing destination.

Defining your multi-channel environment simply becomes a case of configuration as any type of content, or package of content, benefits from the same workflow and automation tools within GN4. These include:

  1. Save precious time in the newsroom by publishing to the web, smartphone and tablet with a single click.
  2. Eliminate multiple subsystems by consolidating all content management into a common system, with a common data store and a common user interface and workflow.
  3. Publish ONCE and have versions for native iOS, native Android and HTML5 for the web created automatically. Why prepare multiple versions of the same content, when you can have the system do it for you?
  4. Eliminate the repetitive task of laying out standard pages with the Auto Pagination function in GN4. Use the time saved to grow your digital editions.
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Responsive HTML5 client for multi-channel content management

Automated Print Pagination

Released under the GN4 V2.2 stream, Auto Pagination is a ground breaking concept in page layout automation.

The principle is simple: Create a series of layout templates with different designs, assign content to editions and sections, then allow a rules engine to find the optimum combination content/layout and available space on pages.

The newsroom maintains full control over the aesthetics of design as well as the final outcome of the process. Pages can be released immediately or re-worked if the results do not meet newsroom standards. 

The more layouts available, the more satisfying the end result will be, and because the newsroom designs these layouts, editorial style principles can be maintained.

The process is blisteringly fast and early tests showed as many as 30 pages being paginated in less than a minute. 

While the Auto Publishing feature was initially designed to tackle standard, modular, pages, feedback from users indicate potential for other kinds of pages too. These users are excited by the potential time savings that can be achieved, simply by minimising time spent on pages that generally look the same, but need to be created time-and-time again.

If this sounds intriguing, we invite you to see a demo. It's the best way to see if this feature is right for your newsroom.
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