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May 2015
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Latest News

The Chicago Law Bulletin signs for a V1.6-to-V2 upgrade of their GN4 editorial content management system.

The V2 stream introduces the responsive design GNi4 client.

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin is a legal newspaper covering the Chicago and Illinois area.


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Boston Globe expands customer self-service portals

After going live on an all new advertising system, including 6 self-service portals, from Miles 33 last year, The Boston Globe will migrate all of their remaining self service portals to the Miles 33 advertising system as well.

Those portals, currently deployed using technology from other vendors under a revenue share model, will be migrated over to the advertising system from Miles 33. As this move eliminates the revenue share, significant cost savings will be achieved, while at the same time, brings the administration of the portals into the central configuration of the overall system, eliminating the overhead of managing multiple systems.

Gemstone impresses digital audiences at America East

Gemstone, the world’s most advanced advertising system, impressed many advertising executives at the recent America East event.

Gemstone, showing new integration with Cxense and Janrain, presented how newspapers can tackle the migration from print to digital. Some analysts believe that training veteral sales reps on how to sell digital ads is a bad idea. Gemstone clearly demonstrated that technology should not be the reason not to leverage the expertise of experience sales people. With automated recommendations based on available inventory (obtained through a two-way integration with the ad server), Gemstone takes the complexity out of scheduling digital ads. Reps simply enter the targeting criteria and Gemstone does the rest.
With the (optional) Cxense integration, Gemstone can even predict how many people will see the ad.

Other innovative tools, like the built in Audience Development module, allows publishers to map their audiences, then overlay subscriber, advertiser and other demographic data. The resulting view can be further manipulated, showing potential new business in a highly visual fashion. Creating campaigns is then just a few clicks away.
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Gemstone Dashboard showing
actuals against targets

Miles 33 customer wins prestigious award.

We would like to congratulate the Newbury Weekly News on winning the Print Innovation award for their 3D Augmented Reality app.

The app, which creates 3D characters that come to life from the pages of the paper, is a great hit with readers. The paper runs a page each week with a new image. The Newbury Weekly News was the first newspaper in the UK to use this digital technology to reach new audiences.

See the award winners HERE read more about the app HERE

Exciting new features added to GNi4

GNi4, the responsive design HTML5 client for GN4, has seen a huge amount of new development over the past few months.

Make sure you get a demonstration to see its role as a content editing client.

Not only is GNi4 a super flexible client that will happily run on Windows, Macs, iPads, Android tablets and Chrome books, but has great integration with web-based services such as your webCMS, Social networks and audience analysis tools such as Cxense.
GNi4 showing all the different areas of functionality.
When integrated with Cxense (and your website), GNi4, Audience Dashboard can display important audience information such as trading stories, visits by section, top referrers, etc. 
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