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Latest News
The Dominion Post

The Dominion Post goes live with VirtualNewspaper

We are proud to announce that The Dominion Post recently went live on VirtualNewspaper. You can see their electronic edition here.

You can also get iOS or Android versions.

Maine Today

Maine Today Media signs for new advertising system

Maine Today Media, the largest media company in Maine, has selected a Miles 33 advertising system for all their titles. and publications.

It is a complete advertising, self-service, production and financial system with a 2-way integration with
The new solution will replace a DTI advertising system.

Sin Chew Daily

VirtualNewspaper now speaks Chinese.

VirtualNewspaper's international success is spreading around the globe.

Sin Chew Daily, the Chinese newspaper in Malaysia, has chosen VirtualNewspaper. Ideogram after ideogram, Virtualnewspaper has been translated into Chinese.  It is clear that VirtualNewspaper has no boundaries.

VirtualNewspaper speaks all languages, handles all currencies, allows you to set all time zones and integrates all local payment systems. Welcome on board, Sin Chew Daily!

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May 2014

The VirtualCom product suite

Now that VirtualCom Interactive, the mobile publishing suite developers, have joined the Miles 33 group of companies, we would like to introduce you to some of their exciting products:


VirtualNewspaper is the ePaper app. Available on iOS, Android and HTML5.

VirtualNewspaper is fully hosted, all you need to do is FTP the PDFs of your newspages and a server-side process will index the pages and put up the edition, ready for your subscribers to browse.

Special features allow you to enrich the ePaper with multi-media content and to stream late-breaking stories through an RSS feed, right into the app.

Most countries will count ePaper subscribers as circulation so this application presents an excellent opportunity to boost your figures.

The VirtualNewspaper administration package, called the BackOffice, provides multiple modules to help monetize the ePaper.


PaperEVOlution, another news publishing app, lets you stream news content in real-time.

Enabling a "mobile-first workflow", PaperEVOlution sets a new bar for mobile news publishing - the first news app that offers modern newsrooms total control over the look and feel. Thanks to features like the Block Editor, Layout Editor and Sequence Editor, newsrooms can create beautiful, magazine-like, pages for tablets and smartphones.

PaperEVOlution shares the same BackOffice as VirtualNewspaper so the same monetization options exist.


If you ever wanted an economical way to put your archive of old newspaper editions online, look no further. HistoricalArchive builds upon the VirtualNewspaper concept by adding special navigation functions that make browsing decades of newspapers a breeze.

Flipping through ancient editions is fast and efficient. Search for content using keywords and phrases, optionally delimited by dates. A special feature lets you associate editions and content with historical events, providing an additional dimension to searches.

Also built upon the same BackOffice, the very same monetization tools are at your fingertips to set up paywalls or define targeted ad campaigns as with the other news publishing apps.

Contact your Miles 33 representative and get a demonstration.

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The BackOffice

As mentioned above, the backoffice is the "heart" of the entire mobile publishing system suite and is a single administration core that manages all the functional modules.

The BackOffice is modular with many options available, including:

  • An ad server for delivering targeted ads to mobile devices
  • A Paywall to manage access to content.
  • An eCommerce engine to accept online payments
  • A Products Module for setting up the subscription options you can sell online
  • MultiMedia module to define what multi-media components to deliver to the mobile devices
  • SEO optimization module
  • Many more modules are available


Some newly announced modules include:

White List


The White List feature was designed to give you maximum freedom while preserving maximum security.

Using White List, you specify users that are allowed to skip login and device limits. Once set-up, only those IP addresses or e-mail addresses you specified will be allowed to browse your titles for free.
For example: Your company has signed an agreement with a public library. Under this agreement, people visiting the library are allowed to read your titles free of charge, but only from inside the library, using a dedicated workstation that does not require authentication. Connecting from that area, anyone can read the your titles, but users connecting from any other area or workstation will be subject to the usual VirtualNewspaper security policies.

You can also use this feature to grant open and free access to your titles for your company's CEO, managers or employees. Using their personal account, they can be granted full access to your titles, from any mobile device or any workstation, with no limit at all - for free.

There is a trial version available for existing customers. Request your 15 days free trial from

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