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August 2014 Newsletter

Read how the integration of the VirtualCom product suite is progressing and learn more about the new HTML4 client for GN4


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GN4 + VirtualCom

GNi4 update

Gemstone Goes Live

Latest News
The Boston Globe
goes live

The Boston Globe

In what must be one of the more aggressive implementation schedules in the industry, The Boston Globe went live with advertising, credit management, A/R, Production Tracking, Beacon and SAM in a mere 7 months.

The totally integrated advertising/financial system replaces SAP and includes multiple online ad portals for customer self-service.

New Orders
Contracts have been signed by publishers, directories, radio stations and even the
US Supreme Court:

UK and Europe
Local World
Newbury Weekly News
Maidenhead Advertiser
Isle of Wight County Press
Findlay Media
Q.A.P Italy
Johnston Press
Seat Pagine Gialle Italy
Thomson Directories
DMedia Group Italy
Henley Standard
Virgin Radio Italy

Boston Globe
Maine Today Media
Quad Graphics
The Berry Company
US Supreme Court
Prensa Libre Guatamala

South East Asia
The Edge
New Straits Times Press

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August 2014

Integrating the VirtualCom product suite

Our developers have been hard at work integrating the GN4 and VirtualCom product suites.

The results are amazing and the first installations  have already been scheduled at newspapers in the UK.

It was already possible to publish content from GN4 to VirtualCMS (the Web CMS), but now users can obtain a preview of what the content will look like, before committing.

Even more exciting is the integration of the inline edit function into GNi4. With it, users can make last minute edits to content (even AFTER publishing), right within the preview, without ever leaving their GN4 client.

PaperEvolution Mobile Publishing system


Another exciting development is the blending of VirtualNewspaper and PaperEvolution, the two mobile publishing apps. By blending VirtualNewspaper, the PDF-based ePaper system, with PaperEvolution, the dynamic news reader app, publishers will have a unique mobile publishing system that is leaps and bounds ahead of anything else in the industry.

Just imagine a mobile publishing system that can deliver updated news 24 hours a day, yet still conforms to audit bureau's standards of subscription sales. It is built on a delivery infrastructure that includes iOS, Android and HTML5 and is powered by a backoffice that offers newsrooms an amazing level of control to build beautifully designed online and mobile editions. Last, but not least, the same BackOffice includes more than a dozen monetisation tools to make sure that your digital channels are highly successful.

Even if you already have an ePaper or mobile publishing app, you simply MUST take a look at VirtualCom suite from Miles 33. It really is a generation ahead.

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GNi4 is live

In a previous eBulletin we introduced the new responsive HTML5 client for GN4 called "i4". We are very pleased to announce that GNi4 is live.

GNi4 brings huge flexibility to journalists and editors. Being an HTML5 app, users run it in a browser (Chromebook, Windows or Mac), iPad, Android tablet or Surface pro.

Responsive GNi4 client


This lightweight editing client does not compromise on functionality! GNi4 offers all the features you'd expect from GN4 plus more not found in mainstream web clients. GNi4 lets you package-up multi-media content and publish articles directly to web or mobile. GNi4 even lets the journalist crop one image multiple ways, ready for every channel the story will air on, thus streamlining the multi-channel capability. Users can access personal folders, browse archived content, access wire, etc. all without compromise. Its user interface is highly user friendly and lets users arrange views and tools to suit their individual preferences, then save them as workspaces for use at a later time.

If you haven't seen it yet, call us for a demo.

Gemstone goes live

First announced last year, ordered by almost 60% of UK publishers, Gemstone is, by far, the most advanced and modern advertising sales and management system on the planet.

The first parts of Gemstone have now gone live, a significant milestone for this new advertising suite.
The first live advertising materials were processed by Gemstone on July 29 at Newsquest, the UK arm of Gannett.

Gemstone Dashboard

This is just the beginning of course and much more can be expected during the rest of 2014 when we will be seeing other modules such as the CRM, Sales Targeting and Audience modules go live at Newsquest and other sites.

Gemstone's digital ad booking and inventory management features, along with its tight Ad Server integration are starting to catch serious attention by publishers world wide.

If you are struggling to manage your inventory or spend too much time ad trafficking, then you owe it to yourself to take a look at Gemstone.

Click here for more Information on Gemstone

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