A new digital platform for L'Automobile!

ACI Informatica chooses Miles 33’s Virtual Newspaper for the digital publication of both the monthly magazine Automobile and the weekly magazine L'Automobile Week.

A new digital platform for L'Automobile!

L’Automobile is the official magazine of the Automobile Club d'Italia, published by ACI Informatica Spa. With its 122 years of history, it is the oldest car magazine in Europe. Alongside the traditional paper format, distributed on newsstands and sent as a postal subscription to 160 thousand members, there is the digital format available free of charge, for ACI members and for other readers.

L'Automobile Week is the weekly magazine, free for everyone, available exclusively in digital format.

Virtual News Paper VNP, interfaced with the management systems of ACI Informatica, will recognise the status of a single reader and will offer free reading to members only. For non-members, the platform will manage all subscription methods and payments.

Subscribers will be able to consult the magazines via web and app (iOS and Android).

L'Automobile Club of Italy ACI

Since its inception in 1905, the ACI has followed and supported the evolution of the automotive phenomenon in Italy. In its over one hundred years of life, the Club has interpreted the demands of the automotive world, providing a significant contribution of passion, experience and professionalism; ensuring the voice of the motorist is heard. With over a million members, the Automobile Club of Italy is now the largest free association of citizens in Italy, and acts as a key representative and spokesperson at national and international institutions on tourism issues, mobility and the environment.

ACI Informatica, the technological and digital heart of the ACI world, has been the publisher of L'Automobile since 2016.

Digital Publishing with VNP

VNP (Virtual News Paper) is the Miles33 solution dedicated to the digital publication of newspapers and periodicals. VNP allows you to easily transform a PDF of the single magazine into a digital version that can be completely browsed, with the possibility to search within the publication itself. Together with the editorial system produced by Miles33, it is possible to add individual HTML articles enriched with photo galleries and video to the virtual reader to make the reading experience even more engaging. It completes the proposal of VNP,  offering completw management of subscribers, payments related to subscriptions and the production of reports on copies enjoyed by readers.