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Rodi Media Group goes live on Gemstone multi-channel advertising system from Miles 33

The system, which includes CRM, Invoicing and a custom interface to Rodi Media’s editorial system is used to sell advertising content for the web, mobile and print.

Rodi Media Group goes live on Gemstone multi-channel advertising system from Miles 33

April 2019, Bracknell, UK – Miles 33 is proud to announce that Rodi Media of the Netherlands has gone live on the Gemstone Sales Platform.

Rodi Media, a new customer for Miles 33, selected the Gemstone solution last year after a rigorous evaluation process. They went live with Gemstone’s Booking, CRM, Workflow and Invoicing Modules at 3 of their sites – at the same time.

Rodi Media’s editorial system, from Pubble, installed at the same time as Gemstone, also provides the WebCMS and production functions (display ad make-up and print planning), was integrated as a 2-way interface, using Gemstone’s API. The interface allows display ad make-up requests to be sent from Gemstone and ad status and the page number(s) they are planned on to be returned, thereby enabling the sales rep to be aware of each ads production status at all times.

Gemstone users have already taken advantage of the multi-channel advertising and CRM functions of the system. Not only is Rodi Media selling print ads in their extensive portfolio of newspapers and magazines, ads for their digital products are now also being sold using the Gemstone system. The CRM module, which comes standard with Gemstone, provides a full view of customer activity, across all channels, both print and digital. Rodi Media have also utilised the Gemstone Workflow module to automate their copy chasing and proofing workflows, improving much of the ad production functions across all ad types and media.

Invoices are sent out to customers that include links to the ads, making it convenient for their customers to reconcile orders, improving customer satisfaction.

All user screens have been fully localised. Not only are they all in Dutch, Rodi Media’s terminology is also addressed, making it a lot easier for users to adapt to the new software. The entire user interface is designed in HTML5 and is fully responsive, allowing staff to run the system from laptops and mobile devices such as tablets and even smartphones.

This all is a good fit for Rodi Media’s standards regarding efficiency improvement, quality standards and the overall structural approach to their business.

About Rodi Media

Rodi Media are based in Broek op Langedijk, in Noord Holland. Rodi Media was founded over 40 years ago and today are an innovative media group that not only publishes regional newspapers, they are also a printer, offering a wide range of printing products, on all types of stock.

Core to their business are 29 regional “letterbox” newspapers, weekly papers which are delivered house to house. They are free newspapers. Additionally, Rodi Media also publish many specialty magazines. They will also sell flyers as well business stationery

Visit Rodi Media at :