Miles 33 Press Release

RJ Media Group goes live on Gemstone multi-channel advertising system from Miles 33

The system, which includes CRM, Credit Management, Self-Service and Production Tracking, is used to sell advertising content for the web, mobile and print as well as digital services and events.

RJ Media Group goes live on Gemstone multi-channel advertising system from Miles 33

October 2018, Norwalk, CT – Miles 33 is proud to announce that RJ Media Group, publishers of the Meriden Record-Journal, has successfully gone live on their new Gemstone Advertising and Credit Management system.

The Gemstone system, which replaces a Newscycle advertising system, is an End-to-End Order Management system that lets the RJ Media Group sell EVERYTHING they sell today, including print, digital, digital, marketing services, events, and more.

Gemstone lets the RJ Media Group manage the complete sales cycle, from Prospecting and Proposal generation through to Order conversion. All Rating, Production, Proofing, Placement, Fulfillment management, Invoicing, Credit Management, A/R and Reporting is offered through a single, fully hosted platform. Users are presented with a single User Interface for everything.

A sophisticated and fully customizable Workflow Management system assists in all aspects of the entire process, CRM functions, Lead Qualification, Digital Campaign creation, Audience development, Advertising scheduling, Financial transactions and even Production tasks such Ad Makeup and Proof cycles.  

Setup of the Gemstone core advertising parameters also govern what users can do, and have access to, on the self-service ad portal, no additional administration is required as Gemstone is fully web-services based and the ad portal is simply “a different view into the system”.

The Gemstone system also allows sales reps to sell advertising while sitting with customers as the user interface is designed in HTML5, offering fully responsive client environments that will run on laptops, tablets and even smartphones.

Dave Mazzaccaro, IT Manager at the Record-Journal, said “The Miles 33 team has been a pleasure to work with.  They are highly knowledgeable, organized, and patient. Most importantly though is that they listen to us (the customer) and work with us to design and build Gemstone to work in the ways that we need it to work. This flexibility and customization is one of the main reasons why we chose Gemstone and continues to be why our experience has been so positive.

This sentiment was also shared by Rebekah Larsen, a Senior Sales Assistant. She said “The Miles 33 team is a pleasure to work with.  Issues were handled quickly and effectively and if there was something we needed to work a certain way, they made it work!  I love how easy the contracts are to set up! Once a contract is set up, order entry is a breeze!  I'm looking forward to expanding my knowledge of the system”.

About RJ Media Group

The RJ Media Group, based in Connecticut is a 150-year-old, fifth generation family owned business. What was once a newspaper for the town of Meriden, Connecticut has since transformed into the leading multimedia company it is today.

The group publishes a multitude of newspapers and a website including the Record-Journal daily newspaper and 6 weekly community newspapers. The group also includes a company called Homebase Digital which serves the online needs of the community (Website/Social Media management, etc).  Homebase Digital is using Gemstone for order booking and CRM.

The group also produces world-class multimedia marketing products.

You can visit the Record Journal at   

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