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Rodi Media selects Gemstone Sales Platform from Miles 33

The order, which includes Advertising Sales, CRM, Dashboard Statistics, Workflow, Audience Development Marketing, Self Service Portal and Invoicing will be used to manage advertising sales for print, digital and social media channels of the group’s 29 weekly titles as well as enabling closer collaboration with customers who will be able to self serve classified adverts, reserve advertising space, supply artwork and view account information with their own log-in to Gemstone.

Rodi Media selects Gemstone Sales Platform from Miles 33

August 2018, Bracknell, UK – Miles 33 is proud to announce that Rodi Media of the Netherlands has selected the Gemstone Sales Platform. 

Rodi Media, a new customer for Miles 33, selected the Gemstone solution after a rigorous evaluation process. Armed with a clear vision of desired functionality and workflow, determining the ideal solution was measurable, with Gemstone being the best match of all systems that were considered. Not only was every question answered positively, Gemstone was able to show how the requested functionality could meet the demand and, often, could even suggest additional methods of addressing the issue. The project team at Rodi Media soon came to realize that Gemstone’s flexibility would help improve the quality of their internal processes while at the same time speeding them up.

Mike Moore, CEO, Miles 33 said: “We identified Rodi Media as a strategic partner in the region as we continue to roll out Gemstone, their professional approach to the selection process and the cooperation between our two project teams will ensure both companies benefit from a successful installation”.

The system includes the Gemstone Sales Platform and Invoicing Module. An interface to Rodi Media’s editorial layout planning and editorial system will be implemented using Gemstone’s API. Other interfaces have been written to support local Dutch services for address look-up and business listings with geo-tagging for pro-active marketing purposes as well standard Dutch on-line payments systems.

The Gemstone HTML5-based user interface means that sales people will have access to the full Gemstone system whether they are working in the office or on the road with a tablet or mobile. The user interface will be implemented in Dutch.

This all was a good fit for Rodi Media’s standards regarding efficiency improvement, quality standards and the overall structural approach to their business. Gemstone’s integrated CRM will provide users with always up-to-date and accurate information about their customers, their activities and advertising needs. This clears the way for improved efficiency, offering an even higher quality of service to their customers.

Eric Kooij, CEO, Rodi Media said “Gemstone will let us become more efficient so that we can produce more and still improve the quality”.

A key driver behind the order was the ability to build their own media channels and packages. This important feature of Gemstone effectively allows publishers to sell “anything”, respond to future market changes and commercial demands. This was highly regarded by the Rodi Media team as was the integrated CRM, that provides a 360 degree view of the customer with dashboard statistics that puts vital customer and financial information everyone’s finger tips. 

About Rodi Media

Rodi Media are based in Broek op Langedijk, in Noord Holland. Rodi Media was founded over 40 years ago and today are an innovative media group that not only publishes regional newspapers, they are also a printer, offering a wide range of printing products, on all types of stock.

Core to their business are 29 regional “letterbox” newspapers, weekly papers which are delivered house to house. They are free newspapers. Additionally, Rodi Media also publish many specialty magazines. They will also sell flyers as well business stationery

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