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DC Thomson Media selects advertising sales suite from Miles 33

Includes CRM, Production Tracking, Credit Management, Ad Planning, Audience Analysis and multi-channel sales and ad booking.

DC Thomson Media selects advertising sales suite from Miles 33

January 2018, Bracknell, UK – Miles 33 is proud to announce that DC Thomson Media has selected the Gemstone sales suite for their publishing business operations.

Headquartered in Dundee, Scotland, DC Thomson Media publishes daily newspapers, magazines and books and has diversified into new revenue initiatives including events management, digital technology, retail, radio and television.

The Gemstone suite will provide a comprehensive advertising sales management tool to meet the full scope of print and digital publishing requirements for CRM, audience analysis, booking, planning and accounts receivable activities that’s effective, scalable and fit for the future.

The system, which is 100% web services-based, will be deployed in Dundee, as a private cloud, serving users in Dundee, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness and London. The Gemstone system not only replaces the print-centric DTI ClassSpeed system, it integrates seamlessly with DCT Media’s Doubleclick adserver, allowing ALL sales staff to sell ANY kind of advert, be it print or digital. Additionally, the system will help DCT Media support their event services, thus consolidating multiple channel management systems, into one single software platform with CRM and Audience Analysis functions.

Joint sponsors Denise West and Andy Williams said “The new system will improve the accuracy and visibility of sales and financial data to support better decision making and provide more detail on our customers so we can manage them more effectively. As it’s fully scalable it will allow us to support growth and integrate future business.”

About DC Thomson Media

DCT Media is one of the leading media creators in the UK.  The company’s headquarters is in Dundee, Scotland, with a London base in Fleet Street.  DCT Media publishes newspapers, magazines and comics, and has an extensive e-commerce and events portfolio.

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