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Italian publishers signs with GMDE for GN4 Multi-Channel content management system from Miles 33

GMDE, The Italian system integrator and distributor for Miles 33, has been selected to deliver two, cloud-based, multi-channel newsroom systems for La Sicilia and La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno.

Italian papers select GMDE

October 2015, Bracknell, UK and Milan, Italy ­– Miles 33 is proud to announce that GMDE, the Italian distributor, has been selected for the implementation of a multi-channel newsroom system at two of the leading newspapers in Southern Italy. The systems will run in GMDE’s cloud and includes the GN4 system, TARK4 for archiving and VirtualCMS for web publishing. Both newspapers already had VirtualNewspaper for mobile publishing, which will be integrated into the new infrastructure. The “work anywhere” HTML5-based GNi4 client will be used by editorial staff. The system will cater to 150 editorial users.

The two newspapers are:

La Sicilia, a leading Italian daily newspaper in Sicily, published in Catania. The paper publishes 9 local editions, one for each of the provinces on the isle of Sicily and is one of the most read papers in the region. The newspaper operates 6 remote sites across the island, having established a true local presence in its distribution area. The new GN4 system, hosted in the cloud, will enhance the collaboration between remote offices. This enhanced communication between editorial staff will make the overall newsroom process more efficient as it grows the digital, mobile and print editions.

Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno also a daily newspaper, founded in 1887, located in Bari, Italy. It is one of the most important newspapers published in the Southern part of mainland Italy with most of its readers living in Puglia. Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno publishes 7 different local editions and operates out of 8 remote sites.

The project will culminate in the implementation of a full multichannel editorial publishing system for each of the newspapers to deliver content for paper, web and mobile devices. A second stage will see the addition of news management for TV and Radio.

GMDE will be involved in the reorganization of the workflow and will work closely with the publisher to implement multi-channel best practices in order to maximise benefits and operational efficiencies.

The papers selected the GN4 solution due to the proven multi-channel capability of GN4. The operational flexibility and the overall ease with which newsrooms can author, manage and prepare multichannel content for any kind of output allows the newsrooms to better cater to their market demands. A cloud-based deployment was selected for agile and rapid implementation, eliminating the need for an IT infrastructure. Collectively leading to a quick ROI.

About GMDE
GMDE is a System Integrator and Solution Provider for the publishing industry. GMDE, is a distributor for the Miles 33 software solutions and has extensive experience in editorial workflow management and optimization. GMDE have implemented systems, with considerable success, at big, medium and small sized publishers in Italy and Europe.