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Leading Italian Radio Stations go live with VirtualCMS from Miles 33

Radio 105, Radio Monte Carlo and Virgin Radio, all part of Finelco, a national radio group in Italy, have successfully gone live on their new mobile-optimised, fully responsive websites created with VirtualCMS, a webCMS developed by the Miles 33 VirtualCom group.

Leading Italian Radio Stations go live with VirtualCMS from Miles 33

April 2015, Florence, Italy – Miles 33 is pleased to announce that Virgin Radio, Radio Monte Carlo and Radio 105, all part of the Finelco national radio group of Milan, Italy, have successfully taken their new websites live on the VirtualCMS system.

Designed and built with VirtualCMS, a web CMS developed by the VirtualCom Interactive group of Miles 33, the new websites offer a fast-loading, multi-media experience to audiences that is consistent across all screen sizes and devices.

After a significant evaluation process, VirtualCMS was selected because of some truly innovative features that will help the radio stations accomplish their goals to:

  1. Implement an online multimedia presence that encompasses video, audio, polls and game challenges.
  2. Increase interaction with their listeners.
  3. Increase traffic using specific audience engagement tools.

VirtualCMS was originally developed for multi media news organisations that required responsive design functionally to target browser-based and mobile-based platforms. VirtualCMS also includes integrated paywall and eCommerce modules making monetisation strategies easy to implement.

These attributes proved to be a natural fit for the Finelco radio stations. All three websites are managed through a single BackOffice platform, a multi-channel administration system, that allows journalists and DJs from each radio station to login and manage their own presence – from any device, even a smartphone if needed. Each radio station has its own URL, user access and distinctive “look and feel”, yet is managed centrally and offers functionality and audience engagement features, such as:

  1. A Poll Module allowing the creation of any type of poll.
  2. An Event module for the announcement of local and community events
  3. A Module with a multi-media player that lets the stations stream their audio and video directly from their commercial services.
  4. A Live FM Module that streams the radio's WebRadio services directly from their systems.
  5. A “Page Flip” feature, an interactive (and animated) way of letting readers “flip” through site content.

"We are very excited to see a convergence of publishing and broadcasting functionality and are proud to be leading the way on a technology front" said Michael Moore, CEO of Miles 33. "We are pleased to welcome the Finelco radio stations into our growing list of radio and TV station customers and look forward to a long and mutually successful partnership" he said.

Gianluigi Cavallo, a Miles 33 director and co-founder of VirtualCom Interactive, said "we developed VirtualCMS to provide a core environment to publish and monetize content for online and mobile platforms. Because the paywall and eCommerce tools are integrated at a core level, all features of VirtualCMS can take advantage of them thus providing almost unlimited monetization possibilities".

About Finelco

Finelco is a leading national radio broadcaster in Italy with roots dating back to 1976 when Italy's broadcasting laws underwent radical change. Radio Studio 105 (now called Radio 105 because of the frequency it transmits on) pioneered the private radio scene that emerged after the new broadcasting laws came into effect.

Radio 105 grew from these early roots to become a national broadcaster and the first Italian broadcaster to operate outside of Italy with radio stations in Manhattan, New York, Miami, Florida and in Switzerland. In 1987, the group acquired Radio Monte Carlo, the prime broadcaster of the Principality of Monaco.

In 2009, Virgin Radio Italia was added to the group in a deal with Richard Branson's Virgin Group.