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Miles 33 announces VirtualNewspaper, and advanced mobile publishing suite with eCommerce engine for single-copy and subscription management

A cloud-based, Total Digital publishing platform for Smartphone, Tablet, HTML5 and SmartTV devices.

Miles 33 announces VirtualNewspaper, and advanced mobile publishing suite with eCommerce engine for single-copy and subscription management

October 2012, Bracknell, UK – Miles 33 is proud to announce VirtualNewspaper, a new generation mobile platform for the digital delivery of news content. In a world where publishers strive to build a new business in digital publishing, VirtualNewspaper can play an instrumental role by eliminating many of the obstacles and costs encountered with previous generation systems.

When VirtualNewspaper is used with the Miles 33 GN4 content management system, content can not only be delivered to smartphones, tablets, HTML5 sites and SmartTVs, that content can be protected by the built-in eCommerce engine that takes care of weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions as well as single copy sales of a virtualised newspaper. A timed, free access period can be offered to casual readers, allowing them to browse and evaluate your news product. When the time is up, they can be prompted with a variety of purchase options.

The subscriptions management is platform independent and functions across all devices. Users who purchase a subscription on their iPad, can access the news content using their Android smartphone or on their PC and browser, using the same account information.

Payments are also flexible and can be made via iTunes or in a website, using a payment processor like Paypal.

VirtualNewspaper can publish content in a variety of ways, depending on the publisher’s workflow and offerings. upporting both digital-first as well as print-first workflows, content can be presented as a virtual newspaper, using Flip-page renditions of a printed product, or in a white labeled newsreader app showing sections and scrollable articles. Content can be searched, viewed and shared via email and links to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

The white label concept allows publishers to create apps under their own publishing brand and can be released not only for news, but also for magazines, books and other kinds of publications. All back-office management and set-up is done in a browser interface and provides total control over sales, subscriptions, user accounts, publication channels, pricing, etc. The smartphone and tablet apps are location aware so detailed information about the whereabouts of your audience can be tracked, providing valuable information when analyzing audience behavior and location. Similarly, the user information captured when purchasing single copies or subscriptions, can also add valuable context to the audience analysis process.

Advertising too

Monetising content is crucial in today’s market and VirtualNewspaper makes it easier than ever with the built in ad module. The module allows ads to be served directly from your ad server or you can use the module’s ad rotator engine to present ads to your readers.

Different ad types can be targeted at different devices so you never annoy your audience with inappropriately sized ad materials. Furthermore, the placement of the ads is extremely flexible. You can even serve “search ads” to users who execute searches in the app or browser, presenting them with highly contextual ads. This feature alone presents publishers with an option to add an important new line of revenue to their ad offerings.

Four Screen Publishing strategy Publishers that combine GN4 and VirtualNewspaper can now implement a four-screen digital publishing strategy with ease, using just ONE integrated system. Newsrooms can author content only ONCE and then deliver it to the web, smartphones, tablet devices and TV devices with no need for complicated or time-consuming formatting.

A four-screen digital publishing strategy further maximizes the reach of the content a publisher produces. And, with monetization options available for each channel, tools abound for publishers to grow their digital revenues.

VirtualNewspaper will be featured at the up-and-coming WAN-IFRA World Publishing expo in Frankfurt, October 29-31.

Miles 33 can be visited on Booth number 071

VirtualNewspaper is powered by technology from VirtualCom