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Miles 33 announces Gemstone, an advanced app-enabled inventory sales system for media companies

Sell Web Inventory, Online Display ads, Mobile ads, Video commercials or Print advertising with one and the same system. On-premise or in the cloud.

October 2012, Bracknell, UK – Miles 33 is proud to announce Gemstone, a new generation inventory sales system designed for media publishers wanting to maximize their digital sales. Gemstone will have its first public showing at the IFRA World Publishing Expo in Frankfurt, Germany on stand 071.

With a ground breaking new design, Gemstone makes the most demanding sales function remarkably easy thanks to a series of “apps” that incrementally add features and functionality, transcending media channel and ad inventory type. In a rapidly changing environment where media publishers are competing against new digital brands by implementing multiple, disparate systems, Gemstone brings unity and simplicity.

Similar in concept to today’s “App Stores”, Gemstone introduces a new platform that helps publishers compete in an ever changing digital arena, by offering functional richness and adaptability – at the very core of the system.

John Skarin, Development Director at Miles 33 says “If you wanted to design the perfect system to integrate all your sales functions, you would undoubtedly start with a web services infrastructure that could be expanded by adding apps and combine it with extensive knowledge and understanding of workflow, advertising and sales. – Well . . . that’s exactly what we did”.

The initial line-up of available apps is impressive and full of smart innovations that make things easier. Like the Workflow app, which provides control over every function of the entire sales process. Not only can it automate processes, it can help guide staff through new policies ensuring consistency and fail-safe execution of tasks.

The Audience Analysis app, lets publishers analyze their audience’s behavior obtaining vital insights to target inventory sales with precision. And the new Inventory app, will show what inventory is still available, where and how, helping sales staff to maximize those sales. The Gemstone Capture app provides scheduling and booking functionality across all available channels. Combined, these apps offer sales of Web Inventory, Online Display ads, Mobile ads, Print and Video ads, thus offering true packaging of media sales into one booking order. Reporting on all media sales is accomplished with the new Report app which will deliver all the metrics sales need to know to drive business even further.

Tying it all together is the Gemstone Dashboard app, a single place to view all important sales information. Now sales staff can see all vital statistics at a glance, providing instant answers to queries such as “What are the top opportunities?”, “Which sales are soon to close?” , “How is revenue tracking against target?”.

Because Gemstone is completely designed using web services and rich internet application client technology, it can be deployed on-premise or in a cloud. Access is provided through secure browser-based clients.

Growing digital sales has just become a lot easier.

The Gemstone Sales Suite includes

The Workflow Engine
Audience Analysis
Ad Booking
Sales Management
Sales Dashboard and Desktop
Composite Ad Automation

Learn more about how Gemstone can help you monetize your digital content and grow revenues.

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