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Provincia di Cremona selects Multi Channel Publishing System from Miles 33

Provincia di Cremona selects Content Management, Archiving, Web and Mobile Publishing suite from Miles 33

Fully Integrated suite for Multi-Channel News

June 2013, Milan, Italy – Miles 33 is proud to announce that Provincia di Cremona, has signed contracts for a full multi-channel publishing solution.The order was placed with GMDE, the Miles 33 distributor in Italy, who managed the sales and will do the implementation.

Provincia de Cremona's goal is to implement a completely redefined and redesigned workflow to achieve true multi channel news publishing, targeting websites, smartphones and tablet devices as well as their print publications.

At the heart of the new system will be GN4, the Editorial Content Management system where all content will be authored, edited, and enhanced. Archived content will be managed by the TARK4 Digital Asset Management module and GNPortal will take care of automated content ingestion from external sources. The VirtualNewspaper system, powered by VirtualCom Interactive will be used to publish to smartphone, tablet and HTML5 platforms using a single login and cross-platform subscription system.

The GN4 suite, which replaces an Atex Hermes system, will be deployed on the existing hardware and operating infrastructure, thus preserving the investments made in those areas. The entire network and connections to remote locations will be optimised, resulting in significant savings on implementation costs of the new system.

Like most newspapers, Provincia di Cremona is re-inventing itself as a multi channel media company in response to global changes where news is increasingly consumed on a myriad of different platforms. With a single, integrated, content platform and infrastructure like the GN4 suite, Provincia di Cremona is well positioned to expand their channels of communication efficiently and profitably.

About Provincia di Cremona

Provincia di Cremona (The Province of Cremona) is a province in the Lombardy region, located in Northern Italy. Its capital city is Cremona. The newspaper has along history as is credited as being one of the first papers to contribute to the rise and spread of newspaper production in Italy.

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About GMDE

GMDE is a System Integrator and Solution Provider for the publishing industry. GMDE, is a distributor for the Miles 33 software solutions. GMDE has extensive experience in editorial workflow management and optimization and have implemented systems, with considerable success, at big, medium and small sized publishers.

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