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Miles 33 releases update to GNXcapture

GNXcapture enables GN4 editorial users to content capture and upload content using smartphone and tablet devices. Available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Miles 33 releases update to GNXcapture

August 2013, Bracknell, UK – Miles 33 is pleased to announce that GNXcapture V1.5 is now available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play store.

GNXcapture V1.5 is the latest version of this editorial tool designed for the journalist on the move. Empowering editorial users when working remote, GNXcapture users can stay in close contact with their newsroom. The app lets them access content and assignments when on the road and its content capture features lets staff upload video, recorded interviews, pictures and notes directly into the GN4 editorial content management system.

Back in the newsroom, management can assign tasks and direct remote staff to events, provide background information to assist on-location reporting and collaborate on news projects, all through a smartphone or WiFi-equipped tablet.

The latest version adds enhanced metadata management, the ability to do bulk uploads and enhanced configuration options.

Newsrooms around the world need tools to be more efficient. Emphasising a need to engage more with their local communities, GNXcapture extends the functionality of the editorial content management system out to remote users. Equipped with GNXcapture, journalists need never miss that opportunity of capturing breaking news "on the spot" and delivering it to the newsroom within seconds.

For more information on how GNXcapture can benefit your newsroom, contact your Miles 33 account representative or send an email to