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Miles 33 to debut revolutionary new mobile publishing system at World Publishing EXPO 2013

Lets newsrooms control layout and look & feel of tablet and smartphone editions

Miles 33 to debut revolutionary new mobile publishing system at World Publishing EXPO 2013

October 2013, Bracknell, Berkshire, UK – Miles 33 will be introducing PaperEvolution, a new generation mobile publishing system, at World Publishing EXPO 2013 in Berlin.

PaperEvolution is a News app-building platform for publishers with full control over layout, content design and publishing rules.

Until now, most tablet publishing systems use predefined templates. While they adequately format tagged content as it gets published, not a lot of variety is offered. Often there is just a single place holder for a Lead story. Sometimes lead stories are treated the same way as the rest of the content and changing layouts is often hard or even impossible to accomplish without extensive code work.

Newsrooms won’t accept these restrictions when designing newspaper pages, so why should they when publishing to digital platforms?

PaperEvolution from Miles 33 is changing that.

Offering a unique Layout and Sequence editor, newsrooms can take layouts into their own hands. No coding is required, just simple drag and drop is all that is needed to create compelling layouts.

Individual page layouts can be created, then "strung together" in sequences, allowing a fresh look to the publication and pages every time.

The system is extremely flexible, allowing individual sections, edition dates and publications to each have different layouts and sequences. Layouts and sequences can be modified on a day-to-day basis if required.

Special attention can be paid to the treatment of articles too. For example, lead stories can automatically be directed to prominent positions within the layout, while articles with no pictures could be displayed in "sidebar-like" locations on the page.

The "stickiness" of articles can also be controlled allowing major stories to stay prominent for longer than average.

Ad control is also provided for. Not only does PaperEvolution come with a built-in ad serving engine, external ad servers are also supported. The location of ads can be controlled too, either in absolute form i.e. "bottom right hand corner of page 6" or in more relative terms "serve an ad after every 7th article”.

PaperEvolution is not only fully compatible with the GN4 editorial content management system, it can also accept content from sources such as RSS feeds, JSON feeds, the Tera GN3 system and other editorial systems that can provide an XML feed.

Backoffice control of PaperEvolution provides an eCommerce and digital subscription module to allow for single issue access as well as subscriptions, in monthly, quarterly or annual increments.

Other monetisation tools, such as newsletter subscriptions, gift coupons, geo-location targeting, sponsored content and subscription renewal management are all provided as optional add-ons.

Miles 33 will be located at Stand # 3.2.201

Miles 33 will once again be showcasing their latest advancements in:

GN4 – An Editorial Content Management System

GNWeb – A Web CMS with responsive design and community building modules

Gemstone – A new generation sales, audience and customer management system

GNXpedio – A mobile publishing system for smartphone and tablet devices