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Miles 33 to debut integration with Google DFP and Cxense at IFRA World Publishing EXPO

Deep integration provides instant feedback on audience fulfillment and targeting when booking campaigns.

Miles 33 to debut integration with Google DFP and Cxense at IFRA World Publishing EXPO

IFRA World Publishing Expo, Amsterdam – Miles 33 is excited to announce it will debut new audience fulfillment, digital ad campaign features and sales tools at the IFRA Expo in Amsterdam.

Thanks to a deep integration with Google DFP, Gemstone, Miles 33's new generation advertising sales system, will automatically pull Ad Units, Placements, Targeting Keys and Digital Templates from the Ad Server, fully automating the integration setup.

Sales staff can then use Gemstone to enter campaign details, capture the appropriate creative materials and apply template variables to control ad behavior. When done, Gemstone delivers the campaign and ad materials to the Ad Server.

The benefits are significant as publishers can now easily combine print and digital bookings into a single interface, streamlining the booking, billing and production tracking of materials. Sales departments can now truly offer bundled multi-channel sales offerings with a common billing and creative process.

Gemstone can not only create new campaigns, but can also reserve inventory, modify and/or stop existing campaigns.

Integration with the Cxense DMP for inventory forecasting and order event tracking will also be shown at IFRA rounding off the full process of inventory management, forecasting and fulfillment.

Other new features of Gemstone include the new Gemstone Target module that lets sales departments define any goals and targets, then track actual performance against these targets.

So much more than simply setting a sales target, Gemstone Target allows ad departments to define goals such as “number of Appointments booked”, Average Yield”, “Conversion Rates”, “Digital Ad Count”, “Digital Revenue”, “Outbound Calls made”, “Print Ad Count”, etc. These targets can be set for individuals (e.g. sales managers and sales reps) as well as for teams and groups. Existing integration into the booking module, CRM and workflow engine provides accurate tracking of actual performance. These metrics can be presented to individual users as a means to measure their performance in real time.

John Skarin, Miles 33 Development and Business Systems Director said "The combined effect of the new features we will show at the World Publishing EXPO will clearly demonstrate how dramatic the function of selling advertising has changed in today's multi-channel environment. Today, publishers need to work harder than ever before to grow revenues and we have developed Gemstone to be the single sales tool that transcends media type to help them accomplish that".

Please visit Miles 33 at booth 10.335. To plan your visit ahead of time, you can pre-book a demonstration here.