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Miles 33 releases iOS and Android app

Miles 33 releases iOS and Android app

GNXcapture allows editorial staff to capture content remotely and submit directly to the GN4 content management system. Now available from Apple’s AppStore and Android Market.

January, 2012, Bracknell, UK – Miles 33 is pleased to announce that GNXcapture, an editorial content submission app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, is now available for download from the Apple AppStore and the Android Market.

GNXcapture is a mobile device-based editorial tool for journalists and editors. GNXcapture effectively extends the GN4 newsroom out to the world of roaming mobile users without sacrificing their ability to access the system or interact with other users. With GNXcapture, users will be able to either create new stories or edit existing stories directly into the GN4 content management system or upload externally created content and release it into the GN4 system’s workflow, complete with metadata, content tags and header information. GNXcapture supports the capture of multimedia content including audio, video and images - subject to the in-built capabilities of the mobile device or tablet. Powerful search capabilities deliver easy access to all content in the GN4 system irrespective of its point of origination.

GNXcapture contains the following features:

  • Log into the system
  • A configurable interface to enable different searches, listing and workflows.
  • A “look and feel” consistent with the GN4 suite for immediate familiarity of use.
  • The ability to create a story and associated metadata using a story wizard
  • The ability to upload text, pictures, audio and/or video content
  • The ability to add content to an existing story (and amend its metadata)
  • The ability to search for a story
  • The ability to send a story to another destination (e.g. Newsroom).

“We see these apps as a natural extension of the GN4 content management system, which more and more customers are choosing to deploy in a cloud”, said Michael Moore, CEO at Miles 33. “Access to the GN4 system is now possible through a desktop, a browser, a tablet or smartphone. It really doesn’t matter where in the world you are, the GN4 ecosystem is a true virtual world” he said.

The app is available as a free download and interacts with an appropriately licensed and configured GN4 content management system.

GNXcapture for iPhone and iPad is available at the Apple AppStore.

GNXcapture for Android devices is available at the Android Market.

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