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Miles 33 and Localstars sign strategic partnership

Partnership will help publishers grow revenue from online video and rich media advertising.

February, 2012, Bracknell, Berkshire, UK – Global software solutions provider Miles 33 and Localstars, the leading provider of digital advertising technologies in the UK, are pleased to announce a global partnership. The agreement allows Miles 33 to sell the Localstars digital ad production tools integrated into the FutureProof advertising system to publishers world-wide. The integrated solution will help publishers grow their digital advertising revenues by simplifying the end-to-end sales, ad creation and ad delivery process for high quality rich media and video ads.

Localstars, which is the leading provider of cloud-based rich media and video advertising solutions in the UK, has a customer base that includes many of the country’s top publishers . Rich media ads in multiple formats, video MPUs (Multiple Purpose Units), HTLM5 widescreen videos and bespoke video ads are all part of Localstars’ offerings which are now available integrated into the FutureProof advertising solution from Miles 33.

Miles 33 provides advertising and financial management solutions to a global customer base and has offices in the UK, the US, Brazil, Malaysia and Italy. Under this partnership Miles 33 will provide publishers world-wide with a digital ad solution that lets them create video and rich media ads quickly and without any need for external production processes.
Create a digital ad in minutes

The Localstars digital advertising tools are integrated into the FutureProof system. Not only does this allow video and rich media ads to be sold as easily as static online and print ads, they can also be part of multi-channel ad packages.

Video and rich media advert creation literally takes a few minutes as users can take advantage of the 1000s of templated ads within the Localstars system. Covering many categories, the templates provide pre-designed ads that can be personalized by adding or changing images, text, fonts, colours and other ad components. The easy-to-use user interface allows anyone to create professional rich media and video ads. As no design skills are required, the solution can be added to online sales and self service portals - as well as driving huge productivity gains in ad creation departments.

The ad creation process is fully web-based and the resulting ads are Flash/HTML5 compatible. Multiple formats, such as Leaderboards, MPU, Skyscraper, Banner and Video formats are all supported and are of high quality. Ad serving is accomplished through integration with common ad servers.

Full ad usage data is recorded providing insight into the number of impressions, clickthroughs, unique users, etc. Sales statistics are also recorded with reports available on “ads sold by rep”, “by website”, “by region”, etc.

“Localstars and Miles 33 have many common customers and integration already existed between the two systems. It made sense to productise this solution and leverage Miles 33’s global footprint to bring sophisticated video and rich media ad sales to publishers around the world” said John Skarin, Development and Business Systems Director for Miles 33.

Chris Bunyan, Managing Director at Localstars said: “Our technology is already helping a host of UK publishers to build their digital ad revenues. Partnering with Miles 33 represents a huge opportunity for us to expand our reach globally at a time when there is immense excitement and interest in the power of online video and rich media advertising.”
About Localstars

Established in 2008, Localstars is a digital technology business headquartered in the 'Silicon Roundabout' area of London, UK. It has developed an online advertising syndication network consisting of 2000 local media and directory publisher sites. This is supported by the UK’s largest, high quality video advertising library and simple to use campaign management technology.

Localstars’ mission is to deliver high quality, geographically targeted digital advertising campaigns at affordable prices. The company helps publishers achieve online advertising income without major investment or risk and makes affordable online advertising campaigns accessible to small businesses as well as large brands who want to target local audiences. Its rich media ad builder software enables regional publishers and directory sites to cost-effectively offer compelling rich media display ad campaigns to advertisers of all sizes.

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