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United Daily News selects Mobile and Tablet Publishing System from Miles 33

Provides Chinese language mobile publishing solution for iOS, Android and HTML5 platforms

United Daily News selects Mobile and Tablet Publishing System from Miles 33


February 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Unity Media Malaysia Berhad (formerly United Borneo Press Sdn Bhd), publisher of the "United Daily News", a daily Chinese newspaper in East Malaysia, has signed a contract with Miles 33 for the delivery of Digital Publications on Android, Apple, Mobile and Desktop platforms.

The United Daily News is an existing Miles 33 customer that uses the Televisual Asset editorial system.

The Miles 33 Mobile and Tablet Publishing system, powered by technology from VirtualCom, adds a digital “virtual newspaper” experience to the United Daily News’ portfolio. The system allows readers to read news on tablets and smartphones as well as in a desktop browser.

The system includes online and in-app subscription management that lets readers subscribe only once, but lets them access the subscribed Epaper editions from multiple platforms.

The system offers several features not found in other Epaper solutions, including:

  • A “read-as-you-download” feature which lets the reader start reading before all content has been downloaded into the mobile device. A very useful feature for devices relying on slower cellular networks.
  • Offline access function which lets readers download content into their device for reading when no networks are available (traveling on a plane for example).
  • Bookmarking. Readers can flag content which gets saved in their account and is accessible through other devices associated with the account.
  • Multi Media Channels. Additional content channels can be added to the news channel, great for picture galleries, informative videos and website links - an effective way to add value over print subscriptions.
  • In-app purchase or subscriptions. Readers are encouraged to download the apps from Google Play or Apple’s Appstore, where they are available for free. In-app purchase of single editions or subscriptions make it easy to convert casual readers to subscribers.

United Daily News

Mr Sim Yong Liang, MD of United Daily (second from left) shakes hands with Gianluigi Cavallo, MD of Virtualcom. Mr Joe Liew (on the right) is the Miles 33 Sales director for South East Asia. He is based in Kuala Lumpur.