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Kompas Indonesia goes live with large Editorial CMS, website and ePaper from Miles 33

Kompas Indonesia goes live with large Editorial CMS, website and ePaper from Miles 33

November 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Miles 33 is proud to announce that Kompas, Indonesia's largest daily newspaper (daily circulation of 530,000), had gone live with a 400 seat multi-channel news publishing system.

The GN4 Editorial Content Management System includes TARK4 for archiving, GNPortal for content acquisition, workflow automation and VirtualNewspaper for mobile and tablet publishing of digital replica edition for Kompas newspaper. The system integrates Kompas' Kentico GNWeb CMS for its Printed Edition website publishing as well as VirtualNewspaper’s mobile application.

A Single Sign-On facility was setup to ensure users can navigate across all the Kompas online products without logging into each and everyone separately. The tight integration also includes the sharing of subscriber data between the Kompas Kentico GNWeb CMS and VirtualNewspaper's backoffice which manages smartphone and tablet-based subscriptions. The single sign-on allows customers to register once, from any device or platform (iOS, Android, browser), and subscribe to any or all channels, including the ePaper, multiple websites and print.

The new VirtualNewspaper mobile app provides enhanced interactive link experience to the readers allowing them to access the multimedia contents directly on the page itself. With this interactive capability, VirtualNewspaper app could also provide the mechanism to deliver Live Update News contents directly on the page itself allowing the reader to read and comment on the latest news content in addition to the printed news content. The Live Update News contents are coming from Kentico GNWeb Website of which it generates more traffic to the website as well as engaging the reader to view the additional contents within the VirtualNewspaper mobile app itself.

The GN4 editorial suite supports full virtualisation and the VirtualNewspaper system deployed as a cloud-based system, hosted at Jakarta Indonesia, the local hosting company.

The system provides full multi-media support and manages images, video and audio content, both for production as well as archiving. GNPortal will provide workflow, ingestion and transformation automation and quality control ensuring content consistency across all digital and print channels. The extensible metadata and database schema of TARK4 ensures future developments and content requirements can easily be accommodated by Kompas.

VirtualNewspaper apps are location aware and content will be GEO tagged enriching the available metadata, which can be used for Audience Development. The ADS module within VirtualNewspaper allows for targeted ads to be served to specific devices and/or locations. Users of iPhones or Android tablets can therefore be specifically targeted.

A key success factor in the decision was the ability to offer users a single, unified User Interface for all Kompas editorial content access. Using one system, users can author content for any channel, selectively publish content to any channel while maintaining enterprise-wide tracking and deadline management.
About Kompas

Kompas is a daily newspaper in Jakarta, Indonesia covering local news, sports, business, jobs, and community events. It is divided into three major sections: a front section containing national and international news, a business and finance section, and a sports section. With a daily circulation of 530,000 copies, Kompas is the largest newspaper in Indonesia, which is the 4th largest country in the world.

This newspaper is owned by Kompas Gramedia.

The web site is presented in the Indonesian language.

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