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Miles 33 Mobile Publishing suite now serves two million pages per day to smartphones and tablets

Miles 33 Mobile Publishing suite now serves two million pages per day to smartphones and tablets

June 2014, Bracknell, UK – Miles 33 is proud to report outstanding success of the cloud-based mobile publishing systems of its VirtualCom Interactive publishing system division.

June 2014, Bracknell, UK – VirtualCom Interactive, acquired by Miles 33 in November 2013, develops highly innovative mobile publishing systems for newspapers and magazines. VirtualNewspaper, the flagship ePaper product, already dominates the highly competitive Italian newspaper market and is steadily seeing growing success in other parts of Europe, South East Asia, UK and the US.

Recently, OVH, the world’s number 3 cloud hosting company featured the mobile suite during the OVH Global Tour. The tour, which promotes the benefits of moving operations into cloud-based solutions, used VirtualNewspaper as an example of achieving success at a global level.

The case study showed how VirtualNewspaper serves over 2 million newspaper pages per day, proving that digital presentation of news content is highly popular with readers. The cloud-based publishing system delivers these page views to a mixture of iOS, Android, Windows 8, HTML5 and SmartTV platforms, covering the full gamut of mobile devices available today enabling a real solution for publishers that have a "Content Anywhere" mindset.

A key factor in the success of the mobile publishing suite lies in the extensive monetization options available in the software. It is notoriously hard to monetize news delivered to mobile devices and no “silver bullet” exists that can assure ROI for everyone, in each market. It is essential therefore that publishers have the means to implement marketing strategies that fit THEIR audience, tailoring their mobile content offerings to local market needs. The Miles 33 mobile publishing suite delivers that with monetization tools that cover selling subscriptions (optionally bundled with print), serving ads, targeted at specific devices, selling sponsored by campaigns and many others.

The suite includes multiple products that each address a different kind of audience:

VirtualNewspaper and VirtualMagazine provide “page-flip” user experiences, perfectly suitable to publish content in digital format while, at the same time, adding real auditable numbers to your circulation figures.

Historical Archive product allows publishers to bring their archived editions online and monetize this content with little or no effort.

PaperEVOlution is a new, revolutionary, news reader app that allows newsreaders to adopt “Mobile First” workflows thanks to the ability to stream content dynamically.

A powerful CMS with eCommerce and paywall modules underlies all products which also share a common administrative “BackOffice” that centralizes management and reporting.

Gianluigi Cavallo, co-founder of VirtualCom Interactive said "being part of the Miles 33 Group of companies has brought amazing benefits to our product line and customers. Faster development and global sales reach are already bearing fruit with new installations around the world and exciting new products about to go mainstream".

Michael Moore, CEO of Miles 33 added "the VirtualCom mobile product suite perfectly complements our digital products, which now provide publishing capabilities to all platforms: desktop computer, smartphones, tablets and SmartTV. Important to note that we also have developed a series of Best Practices that can assist publishers implement a multi-screen, multi-channel publishing strategy. In a time where digital revenue is growing at a slower pace than print revenue is declining, it is important that publishers implement strategies on all platforms. Miles 33 can help them with that".

For more information and to discuss proven Best Practices to help monetize your mobile content, please contact Miles 33.