Media Publishing Solutions

Miles 33 provides enterprise-wide publishing systems

Miles 33 provides enterprise-wide publishing systems

Miles 33 uses powerful, fully relational databases to manage the creation, editing, layout, workflow and archiving of all of a publishing enterprise’s information content. Miles 33 manages all types of media elements including text, graphics, photographs, audio, video

Rapid change, caused by the web, the emergence of mobile devices and the wide adoption of social media, are forces that today’s newspapers have never faced before.

Newspapers are fighting back, but their technology is often a limiting factor. A problem with traditional publishing systems is that they were not designed for today's challenges. Constantly adding on pieces of technology only ends up fragmenting operations and hampers the ability to adapt to new challenges.

This is where Miles 33’s Digital Generation of integrated applications can help. Whether you want to grow online audiences, sell web inventory, get close to your readers or monetize your mobile news feeds . . . We have a solution for your publishing needs.